News from Bohnenkamp at the Agritechnica

Bohnenkamp AG, Europe's leading marketer and distributor of agricultural tyres and specialist for EM and industrial tyres is presenting a selection of the numerous tyre novelties launched by their premium partners Alliance and BKT, a completely revised and enlarged online shop and the seventh revised edition of its technical guide at their exhibition stand C08 in hall 9 of the Agritechnica 2013.

„For us, the Agritechnica is the most important trade fair in 2013. Nowhere else do we get the opportunity to have such thorough talks with so many business partners and producers in the agricultural sector and introduce them to our product range, our service and our proximity to the customer“, Thomas Pott, general sales manager of Bohnenkamp AG comments on the forthcoming trade show appearance. „It is of crucial importance to us that our customers get the best possible support and feel at ease at our stand. To this end, next to presenting new products and services, we are keeping more than 30 experts non-stop on stand-by at our exhibition stand, anxious to advise our visitors on all matters regarding tyres and wheels.“

Tyre novelties by Alliance and BKT
Among other things, at their exhibition stand Bohnenkamp AG will introduce tyre novelties to their visitors featuring state-of-the-art Intensive Flexing Technology (IF). Both, the BKT Agrimax Force in IF900/60 R 42 and the Alliance Agriflex 372 IF 600/70 R 28 are equipped with this technology. This allows the tyres to be operated with less air pressure (reduced up to 20%) yet offering the same load bearing capacity. Alternatively, when the air pressure is not reduced, the tyres offer 20% more load capacity. This increases the contact area with the ground and lowers the surface pressure.
Bohnenkamp will also be showing novelties of their premium partners in the flotation tyre sector. The tyre in 750/60 R 30.5 FL 693 M introduces a new size for drum trolleys by BKT and is suitable for operation on the road as well as on grassland. With the Flotmaster 381 in size 800/45 R 26.5 Alliance is extending its selection of steel-belted tyres for grassland operation. The tread 381 was developed for mixed use on trailers, silage wagons and balers.

Moreover, BKT will be staging their new tyres Agrimax Teris in 620/75 R 30, which was specially designed for operation on modern harvest machinery, and Agrimax RT 855 in 480/80 R 50, a tyre with a new, particularly resistive rubber mix.
In addition, the Agristar 375 in the new size 900/60 R 32 with even more load capacity for harvesting work and the Farm Pro 710/70 R 42 for tractors of the highest HP classes will be presented as part of the Alliance range.

New online shop offers Service PLUS for commercial customers
Under the label Service PLUS Bohnenkamp are introducing their new online shop with a significantly enhanced service platform. Bohnenkamp’s already existing online shop has been completely revised and many new and useful features have been added. So in the future Bohnenkamp will be offering their trade partners detailed calculation methods in the newly created area ‘service’ – e.g. on changeovers to different tyre sizes and maximum loads. On top of that, customers have the opportunity to adapt the shop individually to their needs with regard to colour, logo and price calculation.
The new online shop may be tested exclusively at the stand during the exhibition before it actually goes ‘live’ on the last day of the trade fair-

New Technical Guide
The technical guide (Technischer Ratgeber) has also been newly revised. This is probably the he most comprehensive reference source on agricultural tyres and wheels and will be published in its seventh edition on the occasion of the trade fair. The reference work consists of 330 pages and classifies all the relevant facts and information on agricultural tyres and wheels in a clearly structured manner. It also gives a cross-market overview on all the essential technical data of tyres for agricultural applications. Customers will receive a copy of the technical guide at the Bohnenkamp stand right from the first day of the trade show.

Heiko Holthaus, head of the agricultural division: “We appreciate the ever rising demand for the guide. At present we even get calls asking for the release date of the new edition. To ensure that it’s ready when the exhibition starts, many of our staff have been working on our 'blue bible‘with great dedication and passion during the last weeks. Here’s a big compliment and a cordial ’thank you‘ to all of them!“
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