Bohnenkamp Benelux: Moving Professionals

Dutch Bohnenkamp branch move to Soesterberg

Our Dutch Bohnenkamp-Benelux subsidiary colleagues have moved into new, larger premises. At the end of November, they moved from the previous branch in Veenendaal to Soesterberg, some 30 kilometres to the north-west. The 29-strong team now works with a new logistics system and a state-of-the-art, more efficient warehouse management system there. Above all, however, the tyre wholesaler has considerably more space at its disposal. "With almost 25,000 square metres, we now have sufficient space for our future plans, more products and even better service", Bohnenkamp-Benelux managing director, Hans Helms, is pleased to say.

In addition to tyres and rims, the company also sells individually manufactured complete wheels. In future, pneumatic tyres up to a diameter of 52 inches can be mounted onto rims at five assembly stations on site. A 200-ton industrial press is also available for the assembly of solid rubber profiles.

Soesterberg, located between Utrecht and Amersfoort, offers better conditions, not least for freight forwarders. You can now reach Bohnenkamp directly via the A4, exit Soest/Soeesterberg in the Richelleweg industrial area. The loading and unloading of trucks in the newly built logistics hall can be carried out simultaneously via 10 loading gates here.

Gregor Rüth, Chairman of the Board of Bohnenkamp AG, sees the company on a positive course, not only in the Netherlands. "Bohnenkamp is sending clear signals for even greater customer proximity and smarter logistics in its international presence", explains Rüth.