Development laboratory from BKT receives award

At their factory premises in Bhuj, India, engineers, chemists and technicians have been working since 2017 to develop the latest tyres and innovative rubber compounds from tyre manufacturer BKT.

The company's in-house laboratory at the Research and Development Centre has now been certified according to international standard ISO/IEC 17052:2017. Auditors from the Indian Approval Board for Laboratories, NABL, certified the facility's compliance with the globally recognised ISO/IEC 17052:2017 standards.

At its innovation site, BKT develops and tests new tyres and material compounds for higher-performance treads, transfering production processes from the drawing board to the real world. A standardised and transparent mode of operation of the central testing and calibration laboratory should therefore enable the development and production of even better and more powerful tyres in the future. In addition, thanks to the internationally standardised work, it should soon be possible to dispense with the need to re-examine tyre exports in their destination countries. This saves costs and lead times and strengthens BKT in international competition, the company emphasised in a press release.

Indirectly, the laboratory certificate also benefits BKT's sustainability goals and environmental protection. In their work for more environmental protection, government agencies in India are dependent on certified private laboratories like the one at BKT.