Family Oktoberfest at Bohnenkamp

Bohnenkamp invited employees and their families to the late summer Oktoberfest at the Osnabrück headquarters. More than 800 guests enjoyed a colorful Bavarian day in the marquee and in the open air.

Mehr als 800 Gäste genossen im Festzelt des Reifengroßhändlers Bohnenkamp einen bayerisch-bunten Tag.
Zünftige Musik auf dem Wiesn-Fest des Reifenhändler Bohnenkamp
Volksfest-Flair: ein Reifenhändler feiert Wiesn-Fest

olorful Bavarian day in the marquee and in the openair.

In bright afternoon sunshine, three alphorn players put the visitors in the right mood for a thoroughly successful, excellent Bohnenkamp Oktoberfest.  Many of those present had gone along with the event theme and celebrated into the evening in traditional Southern German costumes. Due to the lack of an Alpine panorama, the organizers moved in a heavy-duty crane, which allowed a cable car to travel to a height of 50 meters. From up there, the passengers enjoyed a fantastic overview of the entire festival area.    

On the rustically decorated grounds, the guests were able to compete in sawing, "Hau den Lukas" (test of strength game) and stein sliding, among other things. A carousel and face-painting station were available for the youngest visitors, as well as guided Segway and E-scooter tours and mini-train rides through the gigantic tire warehouse.  The evening party in the richly decorated marquee was opened by CEO Gregor Rüth with a ceremonial tapping of the beer barrel.