Into the new apprenticeship year with six apprentices

In August, we welcomed six new trainees to our company. The joint curriculum for the prospective wholesale and foreign trade clerks, warehouse logistics specialists and dual students initially includes a driving licence for forklift trucks.

Sechs Auszubildende begrüßt die Osnabrücker Bohnenkamp AG zum Start des Lehrjahres im August 2019

The Bohnenkamp newcomers are allowed to use Europe's largest tyre logistics hall as their test site. On a comfortable 85,000 square metre storage area, they learn how to expertly handle the manoeuvrable electric forklifts along the shelves full of tyres, wheels and rims. The apprentices literally get to know the Bohnenkamp core business as they drive past and, after successfully passing the Dekra test, are allowed to independently move the tyres, which weigh up to several hundred kilograms, along the high rack corridors.

While Vanessa Glubrecht and Marvin Dörge then continue their logistics training in the warehouse, the dual students Swantje Dunkelmann and Max Steinkamp, as well as the two prospective wholesale and foreign trade clerks Max Steppuhn and Tim Stüber, move to Bohnenkamp’s administration on the other side of Dieselstraße. The apprentices are allowed to take on responsibility at an early stage and are of course also integrated into customer support. So, if you have one of our “youngsters” on the phone in the next few weeks, be kind - every beginning is a challenge. We wish Max and Max, Svantje, Vanessa, Tim and Marvin lots of fun, new experiences and eureka moments.

The Bohnenkamp HR department is already accepting applications for next year. Prospective applicants can find an overview of all training occupations at the Osnabrück location here

Our new apprentices in the 2019/20 apprenticeship year are (from left to right) Max Steppuhn, Swantje Dunkelmann, Max Steinkamp, Vanessa Glubrecht, Tim Stüber and Marvin Dörge. They work at Bohnenkamp as prospective wholesale and foreign trade clerks, specialists for warehouse logistics and as part of a dual course of study.