New tyres for the vintage excavator

The trainees at Kiesel GmbH are currently restoring a 1954 wheel excavator at the Coreum (exhibition and trade centre). Bohnenkamp AG, as a partner of the Coreum, is supporting the restoration with the mounting of the excavator tyres. The new tyres have now been fitted onto the original rims of the Fuchs D3 excavator in our assembly workshop.

Even if it becomes somewhat routine with 1,000 wheel assemblies a day, the four, freshly painted, vintage rims in the Bohnenkamp tyre mounting workshop have attracted a lot of attention. After all, we rarely work with decades-old treasures. We fitted the rims with standard Boka Terra 7.50 -20 excavator tyres and then sent them back to the Coreum southwest of Frankfurt.

For several weeks, a total of 26 trainees from Kiesel GmbH, the construction machinery dealer and Coreum creator, have been taking care of the careful and expert restoration of the old vehicle from the economic miracle era. They work on the project for a week in groups of four before handing over their job to the next team. The effort is worth it; after all, only a few D3s have survived the hard work in the years of reconstruction to this day – even if the vehicle was a real bestseller at the time. According to the manufacturer Fuchs, which still builds highly specialised loading and unloading machines today, the D3 was the company's first real excavator. It was able to drive independently and, in contrast to its predecessors the D1 and D2, had a closed driver's cab. In the years 1952 to 1955, Fuchs built 700 excavators of this model.

The restoration of the D3 takes the Coreum back to its roots. After all, the construction machinery dealer Kiesel started in the 1950s as a service and sales subsidiary for the machine manufacturer Fuchs. Of course, the D3 was also part of the range at that time.

Note: Workshops at the Coreum

With a little luck, the vintage excavator will already be completed for the next workshops at the Coreum, which will attract visitors to the world of construction machinery with product presentations, moderated demonstrations and demo construction sites from 8 to 10 October 2021. Bohnenkamp will also be represented at the workshops as a partner of Coerum.