What are contractors’ concerns?

Following an invitation by the trade magazine "Lohnunternehmen", important industry representatives met at Bohnenkamp in September of this year for an exchange among professionals. Together they talked about the tire as an efficiency factor and its management in the contractor business.

Reifenmanagement ist bei Lohnunternehmern ein erheblicher Effizienzfaktor

Operators of a total of several hundred vehicles sat together in the Bohnenkamp TrainingCenter premises. The industry magazine "Lohnunternehmen" had invited them to the meeting. Three experts from Bohnenkamp AG, including sales manager Thomas Pott, provided technical support for the group. "With good tire management, contractors can positively influence their expense situation," says Pott. That is why the subject of tires is profoundly relevant to practical issues for the entire contractors' sector.

IF/VF technology interesting for contractors

The service area grows with the number of contractors. Tires from successful agricultural service providers are therefore increasingly used on asphalted roads, which shorten the service life of agricultural tires. At the same time, their trailers are weighing more and more - which has a negative impact on the ground. These new basic conditions must also be taken into account for tires. The relatively new IF/VF technology bridges this gap. IF/VF tires tolerate different tire pressures particularly well due to their more complex carcass structure. For this reason, they can be used on the road with a high tire pressure and at high speeds in a measurably fuel-efficient way, but can also be used out in the field with a considerably lower pressure to protect the soil, says Pott.

Municipal tires are becoming interesting

Bohnenkamp’s tire experts also presented the latest tire models for municipal use to the attending contractors. They are characterized by robust, abrasion-resistant treads for a high number of operating hours on the road. Many agricultural service providers already see municipal brands as a real alternative to pure agricultural tires, as long as there is a frequent amount of transport.

Reliable tire availability is a decisive factor

Particularly in the closely timed sowing and harvesting periods, tire failure hits efficiency-oriented contractors particularly hard, but agricultural service providers are also dependent on maximum availability during off-peak periods. Companies that do not manage their tire management in-house but through specialist dealers always need fully reliable trading partners. As Europe's leading wholesaler of commercial vehicle tires, a full-range supplier such as Bohnenkamp AG can optimally guarantee the necessary supply security in the supply chain between the manufacturer's brand and the user.