Kenda - Designed for your journey

For about 60 years, the Taiwanese company Kenda’s tyres have been convincing. Bohnenkamp distributes tyres for car trailers and four-wheel drive ATV special tyres for power sports, forestry and leisure, industrial tyres for forklift trucks, gentle lawn tyres, special tyres for agricultural use as well as carts and transport equipment - all from the Kenda range.

Lawn tyres

Kenda tyres for lawns, gala construction or golf courses include small tyres up to 16.5 inches. They serve every requirement from budget to premium segment and are also valued in the original equipment sector.

Kenda lawn tyres in the shop

Car trailer tyres

The Kenda's car trailer tyres’ tread pattern for uploaders, car, boat, sports and car transport trailers and caravans combine high mileage and good driving characteristics.

Kenda car trailer tyres in the shop

Industrial tyres

With industrial tyres such as the robustly designed K610 Kinetics forklift tyre, the traditional Kenda brand delivers outstanding quality for every industrial application on smooth, hard floors.

Kenda industrial tyres in the shop

ATV/UTV tyres

We have all Kenda on and off-road tyres for road quads, ATV, quad racing, and hobby off-road drivers. Kenda is the original equipment supplier for power sports of various manufacturers.

Kenda ATV tyres in the shop

Agricultural tyres

KENDA serves the agricultural sector with wear-resistant and extremely puncture-proof agricultural tyres for farm tractors, compact tractors, hay turners and snow blowers.

Kenda agricultural tyres in the shop

Cart / Transport

The Kenda tyres for sack trucks, wheelbarrows, scooters, and power wheelchairs impress with highest quality, good value for money and a solid rubber compound from the car sector.

Kenda cart and transport in the shop

The KENDA K 299 BEARCLAW in action

"It can handle anything, and looks cool too," says Gunar Drescher, owner of the gPARTz workshop. The motor sportsman drives Kenda's ATV all-rounder K299 across the terrain for our Bohnenkamp job story. We accompanied the off-road joyride with our camera.

Product test in "Quadwelt"

The Bohnenkamp service for your Kenda products

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