At Bohnenkamp we assemble individually configured, perfectly concentricity-optimised complete wheels in all sizes. At our 17 assembly stations in Bohnenkamp's central logistics facility in Osnabrück, we achieve a daily output total of around 1,000 complete wheels. As a result of this reliable assembly capacity, dealers, repairers and vehicle and machine manufacturers in agriculture, truck & transport, industry and earth moving can all benefit.

Customised wheel configuration

Our implementation experts accompany you in configuring your customised complete wheels right from the start. Starting with the vehicle type and the envisaged area of application, we define and find the perfect combination for you considering dimensional tyre data, profile properties, rim manufacture and colour. You benefit from our practical know-how, a detailed market overview and our quality in-house assembly. This is how your application-specific, customised, concentricity-optimised complete wheel made by Bohnenkamp is created.

Wheels with OEM Quality

Many renowned vehicle and machine manufacturers today rely on Bohnenkamp as an ideal sparring partner and supplier for their carefully sequenced production processes. Part of our service portfolio is the on-demand volume-oriented wheel assembly and ad-hoc delivery to the production facility, individually packed according to operationally specified requirements. Along with the tyre’s key attributes, our customers can also freely choose the rims down to designing the RAL conforming paintwork.

High assembly capacity

Integrated into Europe’s leading tyre logistic service provider in Osnabrück, Bohnenkamp operates 17 separate assembly stations for concentricity-optimised complete wheels. On a daily basis, up to 1,000 assembled wheels are created on demand and ready for use, configured according to individual customer specifications and demands. Our high-performance, precisely crafted wheel assemblies today support numerous prominent brands in the vehicle and agricultural machine sector in Germany and Europe.

Concentricity-optimised assembly

Our concentricity-optimised wheel assemblies guarantee extremely smooth running and even wear on radial flotation tyres. Thanks to markings on several cooperative manufacturers’ rims and tyres, we can always reconcile the highest point of a tyre with the lowest point of the respective rim at our 17 assembly stations. The inevitable production-based outliers are balanced in a way that reduces possible vibrations and preserves the material.

Logistics with sure instinct

At Bohnenkamp, the distances between storage areas, production and distribution are very short, ensuring the fastest possible job processing. After assembly, the complete wheels leave our warehouse, either in customer-arranged transport systems or wrapped according to individual requirements and securely packaged ready for dispatch.