At your disposal locally and internationally.

Dealers and manufacturers in 28 countries benefit from Bohnenkamp’s wide range of products and its professional and cooperative service.

As a group of companies with regional and independent businesses, we are the strong partner in your proximity. Maximum availability, logistical competence and expert knowledge via an international network are behind the regional consulting and individual support from customer advisors and local branches.

Bohnenkamp Western Group

The Western Group includes five countries and nine locations, among them the headquarters and founding site in Osnabrück.

  • Bohnenkamp AG
  • Bohnenkamp Suisse AG (Switzerland)
  • Bohnenkamp Austria GesmbH (Austria)
  • Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V. (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)

Bohnenkamp Eastern Group

Following the acquisition of the small-tyre specialist Starco AG in 2016, Bohnenkamp is now spreading from Eastern Europe to the Pacific.

  • Bohnenkamp OOO (Russia)
  • Bohnenkamp OEM OOO (Russia)
  • Bohnenkamp SIA (Latvia)
  • Bohnenkamp UAB (Lithuania)
  • Bohnenkamp OÜ (Estonia)
  • Bohnenkamp IP (Belarus)
  • Bohnenkamp TOV (Ukraine)
  • Bohnenkamp TOO (Kazakhstan)

Bohnenkamp Northern Group

Bohnenkamp AG is a reliable contact partner for tyres, wheels and rims in all Scandinavian countries.

  • Bohnenkamp A/S (Denmark, Norway, Finland)
  • Bohnenkamp AB (Sweden)

Bohnenkamp South Eastern Group

Bohnenkamp has been represented in South-East Europe since 2005. The centre for activities taking place there is in Modra, Slovakia.

  • Bohnenkamp SRO (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary)
  • Bohnenkamp SP. z.o.o (Poland)