Living sustainability at Bohnenkamp

As a leading wholesaler of commercial vehicle tyres, we are aware of our responsibility for our employees and for the future of generations to come. Part of this self-image is our careful, forward-looking use of resources and a solid commitment to greater climate protection through the use of renewably generated energy.

Sustainably positioned in energy issues

We regard renewable energies as an important component of CO2-neutral operation of our sites. In the meantime, we cover a significant part of our electricity and heating requirements at our company headquarters via solar energy and geothermal energy. In addition to further expanding this climate-friendly energy generation, we are continuously working to further optimize and reduce our energy consumption.

Exemplary measures at our Osnabrück site:

TÜV-tested CO2 balance

TÜV Rheinland examined our CO2 balance, the corporate carbon footprint, for the first time for the year 2021.  The analysis documents the various CO2 sources and provides a reliable data basis for further steps in the field of sustainability. Our efforts are currently focused on expanding our solar capacity.

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Osnabrück's largest solar plant

In December 2020, we commissioned the largest solar plant in the city of Osnabrück, with 10,000 m², on the roof of our logistics hall. In November 2022, this area was doubled. Since then, Bohnenkamp has been generating more than 50 percent of the electricity it needs itself on more than 20,000 m² of roof space.

Dashboard of the solar plantFurther information

Use of geothermal energy

With the construction of our new administration building in 2016, we have completely  placed our heat supply on a renewable basis. Since then, we have been heating our headquarters with the natural heat from the ground.

Hall lighting with LED

Technologically, in the area of sustainability, we focus not only on regenerative energy, but also on low consumption. For example, we predominantly use economical LED light sources and rely on intelligent lighting control.

Economical forklift washing system

We regularly clean the 100 forklifts in our central tyre logistics in our mobile washing station. The economical system recycles used water and reconditions it for the next forklift wash.

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Dashboard of the Bohnenkamp solar system