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Agriculture, forestry & municipal

The increasing professionalization and specialization in agriculture, forestry and municipal management places ever-higher demands on machine tyres. With more than 65 years’ experience and more than 20 partner and trade brands in the range, our experienced service team will advise you independently and competently on choosing the right tyres, wheels and accessories.

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Earthmoving & building site

Tyres and wheels are faced with major challenges when used in earthmoving and on building sites. Demanding terrains, high loading volumes and the most diverse operating conditions place individual demands on the appropriate product selection. With many years' experience, our competent service team will support you in your decision over the phone and on site.

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Ports & industry

The constant changing between loaded and empty trips, intense lifting and shearing movements and maneuvering on hard ground demand a lot from tyres in port and industrial use. Whether reach stacker, crane or forklift truck- our extensive product range offers a comprehensive selection of tyres and wheels for every application with a perfect price-performance ratio.

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Truck & Transport

In freight transport, maximum efficiency and reliability are paramount. We support our customers with complete wheel solutions, from small vans to trucks to equipping trailers and buses, and together with established and innovative tyre, rim and accessory brands, we provide a suitable solution.  In cooperation with the specialized tyre trade, we also offer our own breakdown service for more security in the transport sector.

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Landscape management, farms & leisure

Lawn care, wheelbarrows, golf carts and small tractors - our wide selection of tyres, wheels, rims and tubes ensures optimum supply with the suitable components, from 3 to 18 inches. 

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