IF/VF tyres - Protect soil. Save fuel. Gain efficiency.

Bohnenkamp supplies IF/VF tyres for tractors and towed machines from well-known quality manufacturers. This means that farmers and contractors can equip complete combinations with soil-friendly IF/VF tyres. This provides more power in the field, yet less pressure on the soil. In this way, IF/VF tyres ensure greater efficiency and yield in modern agriculture.

Superior technology for healthy soils

In the field, the future belongs to IF/VF technology. Learn more now in the video about the big IF/VF field test, in the video interview with our general sales manager Thomas Pott and in our animated visualizations of the technology.

Bohnenkamp AG - Interview about IF/VF tyre technology at the Agritechnica 2019
Tractor tyres in comparison: Does IF/VF technology really protect the soil? IF/VF tyres under test!

The advanced technology of IF/VF tyres

IF tyres move the same payload as comparable standard tyres with 20 percent less tyre pressure, and up to 20 percent more load with the same tyre pressure. VF tyres (Very High-Flexion Tyres) even achieve up to 40 percent more performance. This is made possible by a novel carcass construction. A larger number of thinner carcass plies give IF and VF tyres the necessary flexibility and stability under changing pressure conditions and maintain safe traction. If farmers want to avoid excessive soil stress in the field, they can reduce the internal pressure of the tyres and thus increase their contact area. For road traffic, on the other hand, the tyre pressure can be increased to save fuel.

News: Bohnenkamp impresses at Agritechnica 2019

All advantages of IF/VF tyres at a glance!

  • larger tyre contact area
  • flatter ruts
  • maximum soil protection
  • optimized plant growth
  • less fuel consumption
  • secure grip

Here you can find the Bohnenkamp range of IF/VF tyres for self-propelled machines, from tractors to forage harvesters through to combine harvesters.

Our IF-/VF range for slurry tankers, silo trailers, fertilizer spreaders and other tractor-drawn machines can be found here in the Bohnenkamp Shop.

We are happy to support dealers and workshops in selecting the right IF/VF tyre for specific customer applications.

Best practice at contractor Hante: Tractor and towed machine with IF/VF

The company Hante Agrarservice from Velve in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is convinced by the VF tyre technology. Junior boss Christoph Hante regulates the tyre pressure on his tractors and towed machines and saves money.

The whole story in the news section [german]

The first VF tyre for forest use

Alliance's Forestar 344 ELIT is the first series production low-pressure tyre for forestry work. Test users and the trade press are full of praise for it. Forest contractors Alexander Kohler and Huse Hadzipasic explained the advantages of the ELIT to us.

Case study Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT

The Bohnenkamp service for your IF/VF tyres

In this cooperation, OEM quality products and Bohnenkamp’s high level of service are able to  convince.