Our know-how for optimum availability

We are logisticians! Managing the flow of goods is one of Bohnenkamp’s core competencies. In our logistics network we have stock of around 1.5 million tyres, wheels, rims and vehicle construction components available for you. With real-time inventory data and day-to-day delivery, we ensure the utmost flexibility and the best supply of our customers.

Day-to-day logistics

If we receive your order on weekdays before 15:00, we will dispatch your goods on the same day. As a general rule, tyres, wheels and rims will be ready for resale or assembly the following day. This ‘Day-to-Day’ promise saves capacity and resources and your customers will see you as reliably trustworthy and capable.

Highest availability

Our range includes around 10,000 different items. In total we have about 1.5 million tyres, wheels, rims, tubes and vehicle parts in stock. Combined with perfectly coordinated logistics processes, we support dealers with maximum availability and minimum delivery times.

Individual complete wheel assembly

At Bohnenkamp we assemble individually combined, concentricity-optimised complete wheels in all sizes. Dealers, repairers and vehicle manufacturers benefit from our reliable assembly capabilities. From a total of 17 assembly points at our Osnabrück headquarters, we have a daily output of up to 1,000 complete wheels, assembled for use in agriculture, the truck & transport sector, industry and the earthmoving sector.


Order tracking

Tracking and tracing facilitates trade and improves your scheduling. Thanks to our order tracking system you can check the latest shipment status of your goods at any time. Based on the expected delivery date of your tyres, wheels or rims, you plan reliable day-to-day tasks and work processes and bindingly inform your customers when their order will be ready for collection.

Manufacturer-specific delivery

We personally supply tyres, rims and fully assembled wheels according to manufacturer's specifications. Do you want your delivery at a fixed time to go directly into production? Do you prefer delivery straight to your shelves? Do the products have to be packed and wrapped in a specific way? Contact us. We will make it possible!

Excellent storage conditions

We store all products in our 150,000 m², completely covered and highly-modern warehouse until you order from Bohnenkamp. There they are dry, clean and protected from the weather. That way our customers can be always be certain of receiving the highest possible quality.

5,500 Shipments per day

6,600 Containers per year

150,000 m² of storage area