We manage our Group according to the values of a medium-sized family business. It is compulsory and a matter of course for all our employees to comply with all laws and regulations. Furthermore, our internal guidelines such as compliance specifications give our operation an additional, reliable framework.


We act in a responsible and sustainable manner in accordance with our obligation to sustainability and also expect this attitude from our business partners and product manufacturers. Our products should also contribute to fossil fuel reduction, soil protection and revenue growth in the best possible way.

All of our locations are certified in accordance with DIN 9001 ISO.


Our operation is based on the values of honesty, respect, trust, quality, performance and sustainability and is consistent with national and international rules, regulations, laws and social standards. Our mandatory Bohnenkamp code of conduct is the basis for this self-concept.

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Increased responsibility

Our responsibility towards the community, our employees and the environment has developed in tandem with our company. Just as our responsibility has grown, the company history tells a similar story.

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Bohnenkamp Foundation

“Education for each and every one”- under this motto the Bohnenkamp Foundation advocates equal opportunities and supports young people, who, for different reasons, are considered ‘disadvantaged’ in the traditional education system.

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In numerous departments of our company we train the Bohnenkamp Group’s future professionals year after year and in doing so assume responsibility for the community and the young generation.

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