Alliance - Engineerd to keep you ahead

Die Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd (formerly ATG) specialises in the development and production of agricultural, forestry and EM tyres. The programme ranges from solid diagonal tyres to complex special products for the highest quality demands. For more than 20 years, Bohnenkamp and Alliance have been strong partners for tyres and wheels in professional use.

Agricultural tyres

Alliance agricultural treads are designed for excellent performance in the field and on transport routes. The diagonal and radial makes demonstrate their performance capability on a wide range of machines. Whether it is a tractor, spreader or field sprayer, slurry trailer, potato harvester or combine harvester - the Alliance agricultural range covers the entire agricultural equipment fleet.

Forestry tyres

With the industrialisation of forestry, heavy machinery has found its way into the forest - also on Alliance tyres. Where trees are felled and logs transported, the treads ensure remarkable efficiency. This makes the brand a popular choice for forestry contractors. Alliance is advancing down-to-earth forestry not least with innovations, including the first low-pressure forestry tyre.

EM tyres

The working environment of earthmoving equipment is extreme. The tyres for dump trucks, loaders, bulldozers and other special EM vehicles must be equally robust and indestructible. Alliance EM treads meet these requirements with reinforced sidewalls, a strong carcass and highly abrasion- resistant rubber compounds. This is how the heaviest machines with EM tyres from Alliance develop their full potential on demanding ground.

MPT tyres

At the intersection of agriculture, forestry, construction, industry and earthmoving, there are many mixed applications that require tyres with multiple strengths. These MPT treads feel at home on the road as well as off-road and show their strengths to the full in mixed use. You can get to know the MPT multipurpose tyres of the Alliance brand here.

AGRI STAR II - The star among the tractor tyres
Agriflex + 372
The World’s First Low Inflation Forestry Tire

The Bohnenkamp service for your Alliance products

For decades, Bohnenkamp has been the preferred distributor of Alliance products. With the complete Bohnenkamp service and quality Alliance products, we create an outstanding combination for you.