Carlisle - Keeping your life moving

The Carlisle tyre brand from the US company Carlstar Group serves the lawn, garden and landscaping, powersports, ATV and UTV, trailer and dumper, agricultural, construction and industrial market segments. The high-performance Carlisle tyres are known for their impressive quality across all areas of application and are valued by leading vehicle manufacturers.

Lawn tyres

The Carlisle tread design for lawn tyres ranges from closely spaced tread bars to slicks. In the Bohnenkamp shop, the American company is represented by a whole range of different turf treads. With their wide contact areas, Carlisle special tyres for ride-on mowers protect lawns in both private gardens and parks.

Golf cart tyres

At the same time as Carlisle changed production of its tyres to synthetic rubber in the early 1950s, the first electric golf cart was being developed. Today they are part of every golf course’s basic equipment, driving both players and visitors on Carlisle tyres comfortably and gently over the sensitive turf of well-kept golf courses.


ATVs and UTVs have a growing fan base not only in the motorsports scene, but also in agriculture and forestry. The tyre treads for these compact powerhouses are correspondingly diverse. Carlisle's ATV tyre line-up includes the right tread design for every imaginable on- and off-road surface.

Agricultural tyres

The Carlisle agricultural tyre range offers sophisticated tyre technology for modern agriculture in a wide variety of sizes and treads. The high-level of ride comfort, good traction, low rolling resistance and even pressure distribution for healthier soil are complemented by excellent driving performance at high speeds on the road and overall long tread life.

Hay turner tyres

Hay turners and similar towed agricultural machines such as rakes drive safely over mown meadows and stubble fields on Carlisle tyres. Bohnenkamp offers Carlisle hay machine tyres as slick or with a classic groove tread in different sizes and load classes.

Snow blowers

From Carlisle's small tyre range, a number of high-profile tyres are recommended for use in winter conditions. Carlisle has developed the Snow Hog and the directional X-Trax treads especially for snow blowers. With specially designed lugs, they offer secure traction even on extremely soft ground.


The ATV / UTV magazine Quadwelt is a recognised name in the motorsports scene. In late 2020, the trade magazine took a closer look at Carlisle's Pavemaster.

Click here for the report (PDF, german)

The Bohnenkamp service for your Carlisle products

For years, the strong price / performance ratio of Carlisle products and the Bohnenkamp Group’s all-round service have turned this combination into a great team.