10,400 m² more storage space for Bohnenkamp

Vehicle construction and large tyres move into Bohnenkamp Logistics' 7th construction area

In recent years, Bohnenkamp AG has invested intensively in the expansion of the central storage capacities in Osnabrück and the associated extension of the delivery capacity. Now the last planned 10,400 square metre construction phase is nearing completion. Workers are currently marking the storage areas in the two-storey building. In addition to additional storage capacity for tyres and wheels on the upper floor, the ground floor with 5,000 square metres also offers space for the return of products from the vehicle construction sector. Axles, turntables, drawbars, air pressure regulating systems and other items in the range were previously housed in an external warehouse; the expansion now offers the possibility of permanently storing the products at the headquarters of the group of companies again.

Concentration of all goods flows

This means that after almost five years, the daily shuttle connection for vehicle components between Osnabrück's Dieselstraße and the Bohnenkamp external warehouse on the other side of the city is no longer necessary. "This massively simplifies and accelerates the handling, especially of cross-assortment orders," emphasises Bohnenkamp logistics manager Thomas Kettler. In addition, the newly gained tyre storage space simplifies the logistical processes. Last but not least, the wholesaler's suppliers also benefit. In future, you will only have to head for one Bohnenkamp address in Osnabrück. With the seventh construction area, the total logistics area at the headquarters grows to around 90,000 square metres; across Europe, the company now has access to a capacity of more than 150,000 square metres.

Contemporary hall technology

The powerful sprinklers on the hall ceiling are already connected, and are fed by the company's high-performance extinguishing system in case of fire. The next step will be to provide every square metre of the hall with WLAN in order to meet the digital requirements of modern warehouse logistics at all times. The roof of the new hall is also fit for the future; its entire surface can support an extension of the photovoltaic system that was installed last year.