20 years of Windpower: When truck tyres came to Bohnenkamp

Bohnenkamp AG and the truck tyre brand Windpower can look back on 20 years of successful partnership. In our anniversary year, we are offering our customers many monthly promotions relating to the Windpower tyres.

The first contacts were made more than 20 years ago at the tyre fair in Essen. In 2004, the first truck tyres arrived at the Bohnenkamp warehouse in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. This is how the joint success story of Windpower and Bohnenkamp began. Since then, the two brands have been linked by a long-standing, trusting partnership, which is characterized not least by good personal relationships.

The start of the collaboration in 2004 opened up new opportunities for both partners. The Windpower brand gained direct access to the German and Central European market via the tyre wholesaler. For Bohnenkamp, the business relationship also marks the company's entry into the truck tyre business.

With Windpower, Bohnenkamp opens up the road next to the field

When the first Windpower container delivery with almost 3,000 regional tread profiles in 16 different sizes arrived in March 2004, selected test customers of Bohnenkamp AG initially had access to the tyres. They drove and evaluated the new brand and quickly confirmed the good quality of the products. "This initial feedback motivated us to sell the products to our retail customers, first throughout Germany and then via our subsidiaries in other countries," says Karsten Krückeberg, Business Unit Manager at Bohnenkamp, summarizing the first few years. The next step was taken in 2011, when Bohnenkamp firmly established the Windpower label and its tyres in the markets with a new brand image and a comprehensive campaign. Part of the campaign included regular appearances at the IAA Commercial Vehicles from 2012 onwards. Windpower also became known in the context of the Truck Grand Prix. The brand supported the successful Lenz Racing team for many years. Henrik Schmudde, Head of Marketing at Bohnenkamp, comments: "The quality of Windpower was already outstanding back then and it was time for us to further establish the products on the market. After the appropriate preparation, the manufacturer gave us the green light to give the brand a completely new image and to increase awareness with a broad-based campaign. Our commitment has paid off for both sides. Windpower still uses various campaign elements worldwide that we developed here at Bohnenkamp back then.

Windpower exclusively at Bohnenkamp

Bohnenkamp AG continues to distribute the popular Windpower tyres exclusively in Germany. The range of truck and light commercial vehicle tread profiles has grown from 16 at the beginning to a total of 94 different sizes. Bohnenkamp is proud to be part of the success story of one of China's largest tyre manufacturers. Karsten Krückeberg, who heads the EM and Trucks business unit at Bohnenkamp, is looking forward to the anniversary year: "Over the last two decades, we have firmly established the Windpower brand, and we want to pay tribute to this in the coming months. We have prepared various attractive promotions for our customers and partners throughout the year that are worth keeping up to date with on the Bohnenkamp channels," promises Krückeberg

Always on the 20th of the month: Windpower promotions on a monthly basis

In its anniversary year, Bohnenkamp AG is delighting its customers with changing offers and discount campaigns relating to the Windpower truck brand. Each promotion begins on the 20th of the month and lasts for 20 working days. The first anniversary campaign starts on March 20. All information can be found in the Bohnenkamp Shop.

Windpower at Bohnenkamp at a glance

Whether for long distances, regional use, tougher ON/OFF road use or urban traffic - Windpower offers an optimum solution for every application. The Windpower Pro and W series combine the highest quality and performance and combine Italian design with state-of-the-art technology.