2.5 bar: through the forest without pressure

The protection of forest soil is currently the focus of a joint campaign by Bohnenkamp and the tyre brand Alliance, manufacturer of the Forestar 344 ELIT low-pressure forestry tread. In videos and on its own website, the tyre wholesaler portrays people whose daily work is closely linked to the forestry tread, as well as solutions to better protect the forest soil.

Die gemeinsame Niederdruckreifenkampagne des Reifenherstellers Alliance und der Bohnenkamp AG

Die gemeinsame Kampagne des Reifenherstellers Alliance und der Bohnenkamp AG lenkt den Blick auf Bodenschutz in der Forstwirtschaft

Der Forst-Niederdruckreifen Alliance Forstar 344 ELIT im Einsatz

Mit dem Forstar 344 ELIT von Alliance hat Bohnenkamp den ersten serienmäßigen Forst-Niederdruckreifen im Angebot.

Under the title "#2.5 bar: through the forest without pressure", the campaign is being launched in time for the Interforst on social media and on a dedicated website at www.2komma5bar.info. "As a leading wholesaler for agricultural and forestry tyres, we communicate daily with dealers and users. In these discussions, the focus is repeatedly on the resource of forest soil and its conservation. With the campaign '#2.5 bar: through the forest without pressure', we want to present solutions that prevent soil compaction ", explains Bohnenkamp Marketing Manager Henrik Schmudde.

The campaign is aimed at dealers and users alike. It puts the spotlight on the people who are professionally involved in forestry and its current challenges on a daily basis and highlights the opportunities and distinguishing features of professional forestry tyres along the entire supply chain. Various publications and video contributions are planned in the interval between the Interforst and the DLG Waldtage exhibition. To kick things off, Adrian Busch and Thomas Jensen, two forestry professionals, will talk about forest soil, the Forestar 344 ELIT and current challenges in forestry. More clips are in production.

You cannot see the ideal logging trail

"We would be happy if a tyre pressure of 2.5 bar became the new standard in the forest", comments Thomas Jensen of the Lower Saxony Forest Planning Office on the campaign in his video appearance. "The forest soil is a complex ecosystem. As long as the subsoil is protected by roots and humus, not much can happen. But once damaged, soil is almost impossible to restore." Jensen therefore focuses on prevention. His recipe is a fixed system of logging trails, a conscious use of machinery and entering the forest in suitable weather conditions only. "In this way, we reduce stress on the soil as much as possible and avoid visible logging trails." But as Jensen knows, forestry doesn't work entirely without adverse effects. However, he said that at least the right technology should be used, which includes "running on better tyres with lower pressure."

Forestar 344 ELIT: "A leap in the right direction"

His colleague in the industry, Adrian Busch, manages a forestry association of the Wittgenstein Treasury and the Barons zu Eisenbach in Lauterbach at the Center-Forst service provider. Currently, the administrator is very concerned about the population of spruce trees: "We have been suffering from a major disaster here in the region for three years. Our biggest task for the future will be to counteract climate change with new tree species. Adrian Busch also keeps an eye on soil conservation, so moving off the logging trails is out of the question anyway in the PEFC-certified company. But even on the precisely defined work routes, his company uses low-pressure tyres to prevent further soil compaction. Low tyre pressure in the forest is more difficult to implement than in agriculture, given the mechanical stress caused by sharp brushwood, stumps and debris. Nevertheless, Busch recently ran the Forestar 344 ELIT in a field test at just 2 bar, 0.5 bar below the manufacturer's specifications. The result impressed the conscientious forest manager: "It's a leap in the right direction compared with a standard forest tyre."

Clips make their debut at Interforst

Bohnenkamp is exhibiting the better tyre at Interforst in the shape of the Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT. The low-pressure tyre is available in the shop in sizes 710/40-24.5, 710/45-26.5, 800/40-26.5 and 750/55-26.5. During the Munich trade event, the opening clips of the 2.5-bar campaign will also be shown to the public for the first time. Bohnenkamp AG welcomes its Interforst guests in a rustic Bavarian Alpine ambience on the outdoor area 9-13, stand number FS.910/2.