25 years of partnership between BKT and Bohnenkamp

BKT brand tyres have been part of our company's standard product range for 25 years. We celebrated the partnership that has connected us ever since with a joint event in Osnabrück to mark the anniversary. Time to look back - and set the course for the future.

The cooperation started with BKT front tyres for tractors and small implement tyres, which arrived in Osnabrück in a container at the end of 1997. At that time, Bohnenkamp AG had been a well-established dealer in agricultural tyres for several decades – but only in Germany. 80 percent of the Bohnenkamp range still came from Europe at this point in time. "Many of these manufacturers switched to radial tyres at the end of the nineties and there was sometimes a shortage in the diagonal tyre sector." "Therefore, we went in search of new suppliers," reflects the then Bohnenkamp purchasing manager Harm Jonkeren on the occasion of the anniversary. At the Essen Tyre Fair, he found what he was looking for in BKT. Even back then, he was enthralled by the stance of the up-and-coming tyre manufacturer: "Above all, I noticed how clear the marketing strategy was. "BKT wanted to produce tyres for both the European and American market, and even back then, were focused on establishing long-term trading partners."

The quality of BKT was quickly talked about even at that time.

Quality and performance have been remarkably well balanced from the very beginning for the BKT brand. The treads from overseas perform so impressively in fields that the brand quickly gained a growing fan base among farmers and contractors. 25 years later, we at Bohnenkamp AG distribute more than 3,200 BKT products - as the preferred distribution partner of the brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and moreover in all other Bohnenkamp distribution areas from Benelux to the Baltics.

Partnership brings growth for both companies.

Both Bohnenkamp and BKT have undergone a rapid development together and achieved important milestones. "Together, we have continually opened up new segments: diagonal tyres, radial tyres, special IF/VF tyres and finally the earthmoving, industry and crane sectors." "When I look back, we have added between 80 and 100 new products to our range every year," sums up Thomas Pott, General Sales Manager at Bohnenkamp. Board member Gregor Rüth points to another aspect of the collaboration: "Whilst BKT has significantly expanded its production capacities, we as a distribution partner have extended our European presence - in many countries together with BKT." 

Further success stories are already on the horizon for the near future. From 2024, truck construction site tyres will be available in the Bohnenkamp range - another segment that BKT enriches with an alternative to previous treads. "Looking to the future, we still have a lot to do." It is important for us to take these steps together as partners. Our vision is clear - we want to move forward and be successful together," concludes BKT Chairman Arvind Poddar.