Alliance Agriflex 372 + in three new sizes

Expanded selection of tread patterns for heavy harvesters in the Bohnenkamp shop.

Bohnenkamp already stocked 17 different sizes of the Agriflex 372+ VF tyre. Now, Alliance has expanded the range of available sizes. The 372+ has been available in size VF 420/85 R 28 since June this year, in autumn it will be followed by size VF 710/60 R 34, and then size VF 750/ 65 R 26 will arrive at Bohnenkamp at the end of the year.

The heavy-duty wide tyre is designed for use on large machines and harvesters such as combines and corn choppers. The tread pattern can also display its strengths on the front axles of high-performance tractors.

Thanks to the VF technology of the Agriflex 372+, the tyre is highly flexible. Here, in addition to a complex casing design, the manufacturer has opted for an advanced material compound. The Agriflex 372 + thus achieves very low ground pressure and significantly reduced soil compaction. The large contact area of the tread pattern provides exceptionally good traction, which reduces fuel consumption and improves productivity during operation. The design of the tread allows excellent grip. Combined with the material and a solid steel belt casing, the tyre provides good protection against punctures, such as those caused by stubble, and is extremely durable in all applications.

Sizes of the Agriflex 372 + available at Bohnenkamp:

VF 520/80 R 26 CFO
VF 620/70 R 26
VF 750/65 R 26 (*NEW* from week 49/50)
VF 420/85 R 28 (*NEW*)
VF 600/60 R 28
VF 600/70 R 28 CFO
VF 600/60 R 30
VF 600/70 R 30
VF 710/60 R 30
VF 800/65 R 32 CFO
VF 650/65 R 34 NRO
VF 710/60 R 34 (*NEW* from week 38)
VF 710/60 R 38
VF 710/70 R 38 CFO
VF 710/85 R 38
VF 710/60 R 42 NRO
VF 710/70 R 42 CFO
VF 710/75 R 42 CFO

Agriflex 372+ in the shop