Waste tyre recycling service running at full speed

Our new service for recycling used tyres has been well received six months after its launch. More than 100 tonnes of discarded tyres already end up with our recycling partners every month. At the end of the current conversion season, we are expecting a new redemption record.

With the support of tyre manufacturer BKT, we launched our nationwide used tyre recycling service last year. Since its launch, the service has been quickly and well received. The recycling volume currently amounts to more than 100 tonnes of tyres per month. 


This is also due to the maximum convenience that our service offers. Customers simply arrange a collection date. Our service team takes care of all administrative and accounting issues as well as the collection of the tyres together with the respective local service partner. Used tyres are collected in quantities of three tonnes or more. As in the previous year, tyre manufacturer BKT is also contributing to the disposal fee.

"That was a smooth process!"

Karen Beck coordinates the recycling of used tyres for us. In her role, she is often in direct dialogue with customers and is pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback. "We planned and managed all the details very precisely. Things are simply running smoothly now, and our customers can feel that too," she explains. The comments range from compliments such as "That was a smooth process" to "We've been waiting a long time for this service!" and praise for the environmentally friendly and professional recycling solution.

Comprehensive service module at the end of a tyre's life

The ideal recycling technique in each case is at the discretion of our service partners, who decide from tyre to tyre how the material is to be recycled. It is common practice to return the recyclable raw materials to the material cycle in an environmentally friendly manner or to recycle the discarded tyres for energy recovery. "Our customers can fully rely on the certified specialists in our recycling network. A safe and environmentally friendly solution is just as important to them as it is to us," emphasises Karen Beck.

How to contact our used tyre recycling service

Our service team can be contacted by phone or e-mail using the following contact details:

Phone: +49 541 121 63 -255

Further information can be found on our information page on used tyre recycling:
 Bohnenkamp used tyre recycling