BKT RIDEMAX FL 615 - a new tread for heavy towed machines

Available now from Bohnenkamp is the BKT RIDEMAX FL 615, a modern, versatile tyre for towed vehicles such as slurry tankers, spreaders and trailers. However, the tread can also show its strengths on driven harvesters.

The BKT RIDEMAX FL 615 is suitable for mixed use on vehicles that are mainly used in the field and also drive on the road. Its distinctive tread with rounded shoulders is gentle on the soil while providing very good grip and excellent self-cleaning properties on the field as well as low rolling resistance on firm ground. The high tread proportion also reduces noise when driving fast on roads.

The inner values of the new RIDEMAX FL 615 are also impressive. With its steel belt structure, the radial flotation tyre offers high puncture resistance as well as increased durability and excellent load capacity in both low and high speed ranges. The wide contact area of the RIDEMAX FL 615 also actively contributes to soil protection.

Manufacturer BKT states the advantages of the RIDEMAX FL 615 as follows:

  • low soil compaction
  • low rolling resistance
  •  high load capacity (185 D : 9,250 kg at 65 km/h)
  • ideal for green spaces
  • self-cleaning

The BKT Ridemax FL 615 tread is currently available in the size 800/65 R 32.

The BKT RIDEMAX FL 615 in the shopp