Blackpower relies on Windpower

Efficiency is in the blood of Blackpower's team. With STG Sitzler GmbH, the Black Forest company is also fully reliant on dependability and cost-effectiveness when choosing a haulier. That’s why Sitzler tankers deliver the fuels mixed with Blackpower enzymes to Blackpower customers on a daily basis.

LKW-Reifen von Windpowerin Kombination mit LKW-Alufelgen von Accuride fährt die Spedition Sitzler. Bezugsquelle: Bohnenkamp
Die Spedition Sitzler ist Haus- und Hoflogistiker der Blackpower AG. Mit dem Einsatz leichter Alufelgen lässt sich durch mehr Zuladung etwa jede 130. Fahrt sparen.

According to the haulier Sitzler, three products from the Bohnenkamp range have proven their worth on these trips: The Windpower trailer tyre WTR 69 excels with its extremely good performance and high mileage, the reliable Windpower winter tyre WSW 80 impresses on the steering axle - and both run on Accuride Wheels' low-maintenance aluminum rims. From the idyllic Black Forest to the other end of the world, Blackpower GmbH, manufacturer of fuel additives of the same name, supplies its sophisticated products to petrol stations, haulage companies, construction companies, industry, amusement parks and private individuals. The fleet, consisting of seven tankers, covers thousands of kilometres every day. "Our vehicles transport dangerous goods, sometimes even on challenging road conditions, so we have to be able to rely 100 percent on our vehicles and therefore also on the tyres. Our customers expect punctuality, whether in New Zealand or in the quarry next door," explains Thomas Sitzler, fleet manager at STG Sitzler GmbH. They have been relying on Windpower tyres for several years now and the Accuride alloy wheel combination for a year.

Year-round use in snow and slush 

With an annual average temperature of 3.9 degrees and possible snowfall in all seasons, the Feldberg is a constant challenge for the tankers of Blackpower GmbH. "We have had great experiences with the WSW 80 winter tyre - we will be using it on the steering axle of all our vehicles in future. Even on the partly slippery roads on the way to Austria, the tyre simply proved its worth," summarizes Sitzler. No wonder, since the tyres with the modern sipe design and wide tread bed were developed and constructed for precisely such applications. Marked with the 3PMSF symbol, the winter tyre complies with the latest road traffic regulations and is even completely de minimis eligible. "This gives us a tyre with which our vehicles can safely manoeuvre on winter roads, while we get a large part of the purchase costs reimbursed - a win-win situation," says Sitzler.

Cost efficiency and sustainability for product and vehicle

Blackpower is unique on the European market - intelligently composed enzyme cocktails that optimize and refresh heating oil, diesel and fuel like a catalytic converter. "Numerous test series and customer testimonials prove that premium fuel additives lead to significant fuel savings and emit fewer pollutants into the environment," summarizes Vera Schuler, Managing Director of Blackpower GmbH. Whoever launches such a product on the market also attaches great importance to cost-effectiveness for other products. "We are convinced of the value for money of the WTR 69”, reports Thomas Sitzler. Long-Life-Compound and a flexible tread for a long service life are the characteristics of the trailer tyre WTR 69, which are proved to be true on the tankers: "It has now travelled more than 130,000 km on our trailer and the tread still looks great. Fantastic," enthuses Sitzler. Mark Sobiech, Key Account Truck & Trailer and Fleet Manager at Bohnenkamp AG, knows that it is "a tyre that simply works". "This product has a proven very good price-performance ratio. The tyre can be used multifunctionally in local, regional and long-distance transport and excels with high mileage - as in this case", continues Sobiech.

Economical duo: Blackpower and Accuride alloy wheels

The black-and-white tankers of Blackpower GmbH, with their radiant rims in front of the Black Forest scenery, are always eye-catching. In a more detailed conversation with Peter Sitzler, Managing Director of STG Sitzler GmbH and the European Sales Manager at Blackpower GmbH, the investment in the appearance of the brand also appears to be a conscious business decision: "We can refuel up to 350kg more per load than with conventional steel rims. That's up to 500 litres more per load, depending on the contents - it doesn’t sound much, but we save on every 130th trip," calculates Sitzler. "In addition, the maintenance cost is considerably less and after one year in use the rims still look like new. This enhances the appearance of our vehicles over a long period of time, without us having to do much for it." Thanks to their Accushield coating, the Accuride alloy wheels are even cleaned with regular truck wash and do not need to be cleaned specifically and in a time-consuming manner. In addition, the tankers are fuel-efficient in two respects: on the one hand due to the Blackpower in the fuel, on the other hand due to the low unladen weight of the rims and the resulting low laden weight on the regular empty trips back from the customer.