Bohnenkamp close by at agra 2022

The Osnabrück company is presenting agricultural tyres and looking forward to face-to-face contact

One of the first agricultural trade shows of this year, agra 2022, will open its doors again as a live event in Leipzig from 21 - 24 April after a long break due to the pandemic. Bohnenkamp AG, the wholesaler for tyres in professional use, will also be present. At thewest outdoor exhibition area, stand C111, the focus will again be on personal contact with customers and interested parties, in addition to the wide range of products for agricultural use.

Focus on proximity to the customer

The Bohnenkamp team of experts is particularly pleased that the trade fair can once again take place as an event attended in person. As Heiko Holthaus, Head of the Agricultural Business Unit, explains: 'Personal contact away from video conferences, virtual trade fairs and telephone calls is a core component of our already proverbial proximity to customers. The many technical discussions that arise spontaneously at trade fairs, the exchange of opinions, feedback from the market or personal matters - nowhere is the contact so intense, even away from everyday business. That's why we're looking forward to the fair'.

High-tech products for better soil protection

On the product side, the focus will be on the state-of-the-art VF agricultural tyres from Bohnenkamp's partners Alliance and BKT. VF stands for 'Very High Flexion'. VF tyres can be driven with 40% less air pressure at the same load capacity. This provides a significantly wider and longer contact area –

which in turn leads to better pressure distribution and less soil compaction. Heiko Holthaus comments: 'The modern tyres from our partner brands Alliance and BKT show what is technically feasible at the moment. They combine high performance in traction, resilience and resistance with efficient and gentle soil cultivation through tyres with VF technology'.

In addition, Bohnenkamp will also exhibit a sample from its current range of trailer tyres from Windpower and Sailun at agra.