Bohnenkamp expands product portfolio in the XXL segment

New sizes for the proven BKT Earthmax SR 53

The Osnabrück-based Bohnenkamp AG has added two new sizes of the proven EM tyre BKT Earthmax SR 53 to its range. In the dimensions 45/65 R 39 and 45/65 R 45, the tyres are particularly suitable for use on large wheel loaders.

Impressive dimensions

XXL are the dimensions of the new sizes. With a diameter of 2,730 mm, a width of 1,125 mm and a weight of 2,470 kg, the BKT SR53 in size 45/65 R 45 is one of the largest EM tyres that Bohnenkamp currently has in its range. And the 45/65 R 39, with its diameter of 2,577 mm, width of 1,100 mm and weight of 2,207 kg, is only marginally smaller.

When the going gets tough

Earthmax SR 53 is an L-5 class all steel radial tyre specially designed for wheel loaders and graders. It is particularly suitable for use in quarries, mines and recycling yards. Here, where rocky ground and sharp-edged materials place particularly high demands on the cut and puncture resistance of the tyres, it plays out its advantages to the full. A special rubber compound is used in the manufacture of the tyres, which is precisely matched to these requirements. In addition, the Earthmax SR 53 has a tread that offers very good self-cleaning and expels stones and other foreign objects. This guarantees a long service life even under the most difficult conditions. Together with the two new sizes, the BKT Earthmax SR 53 is now available from Bohnenkamp in sizes from 17.5 R 25 to 45/65 R 45.

BKT Earthmax SR 53 in the shop