Bohnenkamp team visits BKT tyre factory in Bhuj, India

In early February, a delegation from Bohnenkamp AG visited the significantly expanded Bhuj production site of tyre manufacturer BKT in India.

At the invitation of BKT, a delegation from Bohnenkamp AG visited the most modern and significantly expanded production site of BKT in Bhuj, India, at the beginning of February. There, they found out about the latest technologies and manufacturing methods used in the production of OTR tyres. Furthermore, the company announced its ambitious growth goals for the near future. BKT plans to increase its annual production to 600,000 tonnes and aims for a turnover of two billion US dollars by the year 2026. The Bhuj site visited has recently grown exponentially, and by the end of the current year, the total area will cover 323 hectares. By investing in more efficient machines, optimising production processes and having its own carbon black production plant, BKT not only wants to perfect the production capacity and the quality of the final product but also improve the sustainability of the manufacturing process and further increase safety at the workplace.

"As a long-standing preferred partner of BKT, we were delighted with the invitation and the interesting insights into the new production site, and we are really amazed by the transformation that has taken place here," said Henrik Schmudde, Marketing Director of Bohnenkamp AG. "BKT is a key supplier of tyres used in agriculture, earthmoving and industry, and the expanded site here in Bhuj is an important pillar of our supply chain. "It was very impressive to see how the company has invested in recent years to expand its capacity and optimise its production processes."

The delegation took the opportunity to discuss new developments and trends in the field of OTR tyres with the experts from BKT, and to exchange information about customer needs and market developments. "We have gained valuable insights into product development and BKT's strategy for new user requirements," adds Thomas Pott, Sales Manager of Bohnenkamp AG. "Such an exchange away from day-to-day operations is important for all involved - especially when supply chains span half the globe."

The visitors from Osnabrück were also impressed by the first production plant for rubber tracks built at the site, as well as the in-house production hall for giant tyres with dimensions of 57 to 63 inches.