Bohnenkamp trainees get a taste of the stadium atmosphere

Youngsters visit VfL Osnabrück at Osnabrück's Bremer Brücke stadium

Bohnenkamp trainees get a taste of the stadium atmosphere

A completely normal working day between stands, players' changing rooms and the pitch?

Not really, because the trainees of the Bohnenkamp company were allowed to spend their working day in a completely different way and get a whiff of stadium air. Instead of tyres and wheels, a stadium tour and an exciting workshop were on the agenda.

Longstanding partnership

VfL Osnabrück and Bohnenkamp AG have a long-standing partnership. For Henrik Schmudde, Head of Marketing at Bohnenkamp AG, the visit of the young professionals was close to his heart. 'VfL Osnabrück combines passion and team spirit. Success can only be achieved as a team, working alongside the team, sponsors and the football fans. We also want to bring this team spirit closer to our trainees and strengthen it in an exciting stadium atmosphere'.

Stadium tour, workshop and Co.

First there was a stadium tour. From the pitch to the stands to the players' dressing rooms and VIP area, the trainees were able to get a glimpse behind the scenes at Bremer Brücke stadium. The deputy director of the VfL museum, Peter Scharmacher, gave away one or two secrets about the Bremer Brücke stadium.

After a brief introduction by VfL Managing Director Dr. Michael Welling

and exciting insights into team building and cohesion, we continued in a joint workshop. Kathrin Seufert, the sports psychologist of VfL Osnabrück's junior training centre, presented the trainees with a small challenge. While all the trainees were standing on a blanket, they had to turn it over together without touching the floor. 'This task can only be solved with good communication and a joint strategy. Team spirit is very important, not only in sports but also in everyday professional life', explains Kathrin Seufert.

After a final question and answer session about the upcoming training centre, the team cohesion and the successes so far, all Bohnenkamp AG trainees went home satisfied.