Bohnenkamp TrainingCenter - book seminar dates for 2023 now!

The dates of the popular basic training courses of the Bohnenkamp TrainingCenter (BTC) have been set for the first half of 2023. Interested parties can now book their place on the training courses "Tyre mounting basics" or "Tyre and wheel basics". They will start in the second half of January.

[Translate to English:] Video "Grundlagen Reifen und Räder"

[Translate to English:] Video "Grundlagen Reifenmontage"

Together with the partner Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (BRV) (Federal Association of Tyre Dealers and Vulcanisers), Bohnenkamp will also carry out the sought-after basic training courses on tyres and wheels as well as tyre mounting for professionals from the tyre and agricultural machinery trade, vehicle construction and workshops in the coming year. All product categories for tyres and wheels in professional agricultural applications are covered, including the selection process for the right tyre for specific application scenarios.

All training courses take place at the Bohnenkamp headquarters in Osnabrück. Timely registration is recommended for all dates.

Training overview (german)

Tyre mounting basics

How is an agricultural tyre constructed? How do I determine the appropriate air pressure? What is IF/VF technology and what benefits does it have? These are the central topics of the basic tyre and wheel training. In addition, the BTC speakers will provide many valuable tips on the right choice of rims, the legal framework and the correct procedure in the event of tyre damage.

17.01.2023 until 18.01.2023

27.06.2023 until 28.06.2023

Tyre mounting basics

As part of this training, Bohnenkamp specialists provide not only theoretical but also practical information on tyre mounting and safety as well as practical tips on tyre mounting, mounting aids and how to avoid mounting damage. In the process, participants mount agricultural tyres of various sizes and manufacturers onto matching rims.

31.01.2023 until 01.02.2023

07.03.2023 until 08.03.2023

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