Wide shoulders: The 10.00-20 BKT EM 936 Super

The Indian tyre manufacturer BKT has reworked one of the most common excavator tyre sizes. In the “Super” version, the BKT EM 936 comes with a steeper flank and wider shoulders. The new shape narrows the gap for twin tyres. In addition, the BKT EM 936 Super offers an approximately 10 percent wider tread.

BKT EM 936 Super
BKT EM 936

With the modified version of the previous BKT EM 936, the Indian manufacturer BKT is trying to close the proverbial gap. As a twin tyre, the "Super" version of the widely used and versatile excavator tyre is arranged more densely. The stone- and dirt-prone gap between the wheels, caused by the obligatory spacer ring, visibly narrows the significantly steeper sidewall and wider shoulders of the BKT EM 936 Super.

The new shape also increases the tread area by around ten percent. The proven strengths of the original EM 936 model are therefore even more pronounced in the "Super". It is a robust tyre for mobile excavators with excellent self-cleaning properties, ensuring traction and stability even under the toughest operating conditions. Even on the road, the aggressive new BKT tread pattern ensures remarkable driving comfort. The BKT EM 936 Super’s increased tread area also reduces wear and tear in tough practical use compared to the standard model.

The BKT EM 936 Super in the size 10.00-20 has been available exclusively at Bohnenkamp in the DACH region since December 2019.

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