De minimis added value at a glance

In the Bohnenkamp shop, the percentage subsidy amounts are now indicated for almost all de-minimis eligible tyres and products. Bohnenkamp customers logged in to the website can use this service to quickly calculate the actual amount of their investment.

Eligible truck tyres include those with noise-reducing or fuel-saving properties. Last year, Bohnenkamp had already shown the de minimis-eligible portion for various treads of the truck tyre brands Windpower and Nokian. This service has now been extended to the relevant truck treads of the manufacturers Sailun, Semperit and Apollo. From now on, customers will find a reference to the subsidy label on the Bohnenkamp tyre shop’s start page.

The current funding season runs from the beginning of the year to 30 September. Compared to the previous year, there were minor changes in the rules and regulations. The Federal Office for Goods Transport has published the changes online here.