De minimis funding: now up to 80 percent subsidy for truck tyres

Effective immediately, the German government is once again providing funds from the de minimis support programme for logistics companies. The application period for the subsidising of tyre purchases has already been running since the beginning of January 2023 and lasts until autumn; Bohnenkamp supports the industry with a comprehensive truck tyre range and maximum availability from stock.

This symbol indicates de minimis-eligible truck treads in the Bohnenkamp shop.

Logisticians and freight forwarders who carry out "measures to promote safety and the environment" on their vehicles can apply for funds from the federal government's de minimis funding programme. The application period has already been running since the beginning of January 2023 and lasts until autumn; Bohnenkamp supports the logistics industry with a comprehensive range of truck tyres and maximum availability from stock.

Bohnenkamp Truck & Transport range

Bohnenkamp AG offers its customers a comprehensive range of treads for the truck and logistics sector. The product range includes the well-known truck tyre brands Nokian and Semperit as well as the exclusive brands Windpower and Sailun. The application spectrum of the available treads ranges from reliable trailer tyres to high-traction treads for the drive axle. Large parts of Bohnenkamp's truck tyre selection are eligible for funding under the de minimis scheme, and their purchase is subsidised by up to 80 percent of the purchase price.

Large de minimis-eligible inventory for ad hoc availability

This year's subsidy period continues through to 2nd October. With its extensive stock of truck products, Bohnenkamp AG guarantees the highest availability of eligible truck tyres during this time. In the tyre wholesaler's online shop, the de minimis symbol identifies the eligible treads. In addition, the respective subsidy amount can be found for each individual tyre. Based on the information, tyre dealers and their customers can safely calculate the actual purchase costs.

Reliability is also guaranteed by the high Bohnenkamp stock level. "Almost all relevant treads are stock items that are usually sent on their way to the customer on the same day the order is placed," explains Mark Sobiech, Key Account Manager at Bohnenkamp in the Truck & Transport division. The truck tyre specialist highlights the enormous funding rate for individual treads from the truck segment: "In particular, the Windpower Pro series stands out with its maximum funding values. The new Windpower treads, for example, are worth highlighting, especially the PRO SR80 and PRO DR85, both of which feature maximum funding values." Both have been developed by the renowned manufacturer for use on the front axle and the drive axle, respectively, in regional transport and longer-distance local transport.

Windpower PRO SR80

The Windpower PRO SR80 is a state-of-the-art truck tyre for the steering axle for regional transport with good water drainage, steering behaviour and ride comfort. Its sipes ensure gradual and even wear of the tread. Its very good handling and low rolling resistance should also be emphasised.

Windpower PRO SR80 in the shop

Windpower PRO DR85

The Windpower PRO DR85 truck tyre for the drive axle impresses in regional traffic with outstanding traction and stability on dry and wet roads and offers exemplary values in mileage, handling and rolling resistance thanks to its innovative carcass structure made of three plies of cord.

Windpower PRO DR85 in the shop

De minimis maximum subsidy of 80 percent

The highest possible de minimis grant per tyre applies to trailer tyres with the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) symbol. These special treads meet higher requirements for winter suitability and can therefore receive higher funding quotas. This applies unless you mount truck tyres with the 3PMSF symbol on a drive axle or a front steering axle. In this case, as in the previous year, the maximum de minimis grant of 80 percent of the net expenditure is available. Bohnenkamp has a high delivery capacity here and a wide range of options from 17.5", 19.5" and 22.5".

Calculate de minimis maximum amount for the whole company

To determine the maximum subsidy amount for your company, you must multiply the number of heavy commercial vehicles for which you were registered as owner or holder on public roads in Germany on 1 December 2022 by a subsidy rate of up to 2,000 euros per vehicle. If you have vehicle certificates that relate to days between 1 December 2022 and the date of your application, you can also submit them and the Federal Office will consider them favourably.

The maximum amount of funding per company is limited to 33,000 euros. Thus, more than 17 heavy commercial vehicles will not be considered.

A maximum of 80 percent of the requested measure will be funded. This is a type of pro-rata financing in which a certain percentage (in this case 80 percent) of the eligible expenditure is covered. This applies even if there is still sufficient money available for full financing.

The FAQ list of the Ministry on de minimis support

For further questions regarding the 2023 de minimis funding, the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility ("BALM", formerly: Federal Ministry of Transport) has published a FAQ list.