To the maize heap and back - ATV in shuttle operation with the Kenda Bearclaw

The biogas plant operator Lars Peter KG in Espenau in North Hesse has discovered the ATV for short off-road courier trips - and relies on the KENDA K299 Bearclaw tyres. The rugged tread classic for quad bikes and the like transports the manoeuvrable machine quickly and safely over the field, forest track and road, but also in the first approach to the highest maize pile.

More than ever, agriculture is geared towards efficiency. People and machines need to complete tasks quickly and smoothly in order to be able to start follow-up processes seamlessly. This is even more true during harvest time. For this added performance, an ATV has proven to be an indispensable partner for biogas plant operator Lars Peter in Espenau in North Hesse. With the manoeuvrable, all-terrain vehicle, the employees are quickly and flexibly on the move wherever a journey with a large machine or a car would be impractical or impossible.

An ATV makes the short haul economical, the KENDA K299 Bearclaw makes it possible.


A key factor in the performance of an ATV is the tyres, and here Lars Peter has opted for the tried and tested KENDA K299 Bearclaw. This tyre was specially developed for use on quad bikes and similar vehicles. In the hilly North Hessian landscape with its clay soils, the Bearclaw copes extremely well. Its characteristics make it the perfect choice for the demanding conditions, not only off road as a "forest and meadow vehicle" but also on roads.

The tractor can also stay on the farm to apply slug pellets in the rape field. Instead, they go by ATV to distribute the bait at the edge of the field. The landscape on the way there is hilly, alternating between wooded areas, fields and meadows. There is a clay subsoil along the entire route. This typical North Hessian soil is a real challenge for many tyres. Even supposed premium treads come back from the field in this area with completely clogged treads. But not the KENDA K299 Bearclaw. It maintains clean tread blocks and good performance on the demanding surface thanks to its excellent self-cleaning properties. "We have tried so many tyres here for our ATV. Of all the models, the KENDA K299 Bearclaw simply works best - no skidding, everything tip-top", praises Lars Peter.  The Bearclaw's tread allows its agile ATV to traverse rough terrain safely. Whether on bumpy farmland or muddy forest tracks, the Bearclaw provides the traction and stability needed to complete all tasks quickly and safely.

Flexibility and efficiency through versatile use

Agricultural use of the ATV is the focus at Lars Peter KG. As the maize harvest is being brought in at the farm and the maize heap continues to grow with each trailer load, the boss sends his employee with the ATV to take samples from the chaff pile. His job is to take samples at several locations to determine the dry matter content. Although the freshly piled, loose maize heap rises steeply, the Bearclaw climbs up the ramp with ease. With solid grip and reliable driving behaviour, the tread brings the driver safely to the top of the mound and back.

Above all, the proven KENDA ATV tread keeps the farmer mobile and flexible, even for small and impromptu tasks. If someone in the team has left an important tool at the other end of the field or in a shed, it can be picked up quickly with the ATV without having to move the whole tractor-trailer combination from A to B straight away. The ATV is also ideal for transporting small quantities of seedlings or seeds - as well as for bringing compact crops from the fields to storage or processing without having to use larger agricultural machinery. Last but not least, an ATV can also be useful in the day-to-day monitoring and inspection of agricultural land, for example to detect damage or check irrigation systems. And of course, a forgotten flask of coffee was sometimes brought from the kitchen to the field on the Lars Peter KG farm.

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