Excavator wheels and accessories from a single source

Bohnenkamp offers a wide range of tyres, wheels, rims and spacer rings for mobile excavators

Mobile excavators are used in a wide variety of work areas and are impressive due to their high mobility. It is therefore particularly important that their tyres are optimally matched to the machine and its specific area of application. As a full-range supplier, the Bohnenkamp AG has strongly expanded its product range in this area in recent years and now offers its customers an extensive range of tyres and wheels for mobile excavators. In addition to tyres for a wide range of requirements, this also includes the corresponding rims and spacer rings. The range of services is rounded off by comprehensive consulting, which the Osnabrück-based company offers with its specialists in all aspects of mobile excavators.

Important safety factor

The tyre of a mobile excavator makes a decisive contribution to the machine’s operational capability. Machine weights of up to 30 tons in some cases, and additional loads due to the work carried out, make it necessary to optimally adjust the tyres to the respective application. Bohnenkamp's specialists help with first-class expertise and industry experience. Christian Pieper, product specialist for earthmoving and construction sites at Bohnenkamp, explains: "The possible applications for a mobile excavator are wide and varied. Whether for applications with a high proportion of road travel, for construction site work, as a crane replacement where heavy loads are moved, or material handling in recycling operations: every application makes its own demands on the tyres. As a full-range supplier, we not only offer the right tyre for almost every conceivable application, we also have the complete range of accessories such as rims, tubes and spacers in our programme". And he adds an important safety tip: "The key to using the excavator is the correct tyre pressure. If it is too low, the tyre will deflect too much under load. If it is too high, the contact area is reduced. Both of these factors significantly impair the stability".

Full-range supplier

The Bohnenkamp product portfolio is extremely diverse. It ranges from standard to special solutions for the individual requirements of the customer. The range includes tyres from manufacturers such as BKT, Alliance, Kenda and the BOKA private label, both for single and twin tyres. In addition, there are many variations, such as All-Steel or Cut Resistant.

The BOKA own brand Terra and Terra II tyres are a special feature of the range. The hot re-treaded tyres are mounted on truck carcasses, whose particularly stable sidewalls lend the tyres exceptionally good road performance and high stability. At the same time, they offer an excellent price-performance ratio. These are also offered as complete wheels in 315/70 R 22.5 and brand new, also as 315/80 R 22.5.

New range overview

Bohnenkamp has now completed a new product range overview for excavator tyres and accessories for its customers. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the products on offer, it provides valuable decision-making aids for selecting the right tyres. The personal contact persons and, of course, excavator expert Christian Pieper are available to customers for intensive consultation. The new range overview can be requested immediately at the e-mail address info@bohnenkamp.de or by phone 0541 12163- 200.