IF/VF Technology - What can IF/VF tyres do that the others can't?

Soil is the capital of agriculture. And although soil varies according to region, soil type and climatic conditions, reducing soil pressure is crucial if these agricultural resources are to be used efficiently.
This is exactly where IF-VF technology comes in. The IF/VF range has been greatly expanded in recent years and enables optimum soil care simply by using the right tyres.

Release the pressure

IF/VF tyres allow - with the same load capacity - a reduction of the air pressure in the tyre. This increases the contact area of the tyre on the ground and reduces soil compaction.

IF / VF - Flexibility you can see

The secret of the technology is the carcass structure in the sidewall. It is reinforced with additional plies and makes the tyre stronger and more flexible at the same time. This means that the air pressure in the tyre can be reduced without losing load-bearing capacity. The lower inflation pressure causes the tyre to "bounce" more, making it appear almost "flat" from the outside.

The result is a larger contact area and thus better pressure distribution on the ground. IF stands for "Improved Flexion", VF for "Very High Flexion". IF tyres can be driven with 20% less air pressure, VF tyres even with 40% (with the same load capacity).

The lower inflation pressure of the IF/VF tyres ensures a significantly wider and longer contact area.  This widens the contact area of the tyre, resulting in better pressure distribution and less soil compaction.

Economic advantages for the farmer

The use of IF/VF tyres significantly reduces soil compaction and thus sustainably improves root penetration and plant growth. In addition, the tyre interlocks better with the ground, resulting in reduced slippage and considerable fuel savings. Thus, it can be said that the 15% higher purchase price pays for itself after approx. 1 year through an increase in efficiency.

Flexibility in all directions!

IF/VF technology also for towed machines

IF/VF technology is not only used for tractor tyres. This technology is also available for slurry tankers and loader wagons. This makes it possible to drive all axles with a lower air pressure and to equip the entire combination in a manner that is gentle on the ground. In this way, the total weight is ideally distributed and the ground pressure drops significantly.

Higher load capacities possible

IF/VF tyres can also be used to increase load capacity. If the air pressure remains constant compared to a standard tyre, the load capacity increases by 20% or 40%. However, the benefit of soil protection is then lost. It is also essential to pay attention to the rim’s load-bearing capacity.

NRO - Narrow Rim Option - Option for narrow rims

As a rule, IF/VF tyres are mounted on wider rims to maximise the benefit. If the tyre is marked NRO, it is also possible to continue using the standard rim.