Kenda Klever X/T: Bohnenkamp expands the range in the powersport sector

With the Kenda Klever X/T, Bohnenkamp AG is now adding an extremely resilient and high-quality alternative to its powersport range. The new tread is seen as the KENDA brand's clear response to ever larger and more high-performance vehicles in the ATV and SSV sector.

The powersport tread for side-by-side vehicles (SSV) and buggies had already attracted the attention of visitors at the Bohnenkamp premiere of the Kenda Klever X/T at the Demopark in Eisenach. The coarse block profile is particularly striking: it offers a secure grip on a wide variety of surfaces and, thanks to its smooth running and low rolling resistance, ensures excellent ride comfort even at high speeds of up to 130 km/h. Motorsport enthusiasts and other users appreciate the comparatively low weight of the new tread. The Kenda Klever X/T is considered the lightest DOT-rated radial tyre on the market despite its eight fabric plies and a massive protector bead.

"With this tyre, we now also offer a suitable alternative for the 'large' sizes for SSVs and buggies, and there is huge interest in them. We have already had many discussions with interested customers in Eisenach", explains Timo Potratz, responsible for the small tyre and powersports segment at Bohnenkamp. Much about the tread is unusual. In addition to the striking design, the Kenda Klever X/T's heritage also stands out. From a technical perspective, it is based on treads for light trucks, a traditional division of the experienced manufacturer Kenda. According to Timo Potratz, the Kenda Klever X/T will find its place not only in powersports but also in commercial use on demanding stony slopes and in rough terrain. "With this tyre, adventures in the great outdoors as well as challenges in agricultural and forestry applications on difficult terrain are a real pleasure." If necessary, the Kenda Klever X/T can even be equipped with spikes for optimum grip on snow and ice.

Bohnenkamp and Kenda

Kenda tyres have been impressing customers for around 60 years. Bohnenkamp has all on- and off-road tyres from the range of the renowned Taiwanese manufacturer for road quads, ATVs, quad racing and off-road hobby riders. In addition, Bohnenkamp distributes various Kenda car trailer tyres, industrial tyres for forklifts, a wide range of lawn-protecting tyres, high-traction special tyres for agricultural applications and various treads for carts and transport equipment.

Kenda Klever X/T in the shop