Liftmax LM 81 Pneumatic Radial Forklift Tyre

At Bohnenkamp, the comfortable BKT Liftmax LM 81 forklift tyre is now available together with the matching TSF sealing flap. This completes the tyre wholesaler's range in the pneumatic forklift tyre segment.

Radial pneumatic tyres for forklifts and wheeled excavators significantly increase driving comfort and are the first choice for uneven warehouse floors and outdoor surfaces. In this segment, Bohnenkamp now offers the popular BKT Liftmax LM 81 tread together with the corresponding sealing flap.

The sealing flap has an integrated valve and permits the use of a tubeless tyre even on multi-part rims, which due to their design would require the implementation of tubes and flaps. This mounting method is designed to increase puncture resistance and reduce downtime to a minimum. The solid rubber band is placed between the two tyre beads on the rim. Here, it perfectly seals the joint between tyre and rim on both the inside and outside. Specially prepared assembly instructions clearly illustrate the special features of wheel assembly with sealing flap.

The BKT Liftmax LM 81 in profile

With its robust all-steel carcass and reinforced side-walls, the BKT Liftmax LM 81 safely stabilises the vehicle and ensures precise load handling, even in lift mode. During manoeuvring, the radial carcass absorbs any unevenness in the ground and noticeably increases ride comfort and safety. The durable pneumatic forklift tyre owes its exemplary traction to a tough and robust tread as well as to the abrasion-resistant rubber compound. The Liftmax LM 81 is designed to prevent static charges on the vehicle.