Construction site truck tyres for three typical construction vehicles

For safe use on the construction site, we have equipped a rear tipper, a low loader, and a tipping semi-trailer unit each with a complete set of sample tyres. The pinpoint selection shows the breadth and depth of our range for construction site trucks in every application scenario.

Construction site grounds are stony, become muddy in rain and often sloping. The transported loads are immense, in addition to the wide speed range of the construction trucks between trips on the construction site and on paved roads. In short: construction site use demands a lot from vehicles and their tyres. Special trucks for use in construction areas should therefore definitely be operating on treads that take into account the requirements of the terrain and the overall area of application. There are now many highly interesting solutions available in the tyre market from different brands for every scenario in all price ranges.

"One minute fully loaded travelling at 80 km/h on the motorway and the next on the muddy, sandy or rocky ground of a construction site - only tyres that have been specifically developed for this purpose can withstand this in the long run," Mark Sobiech knows from experience. The Key Account Manager Truck & Transport at Bohnenkamp can fully delve into the tyre wholesaler's range with brands such as Windpower, Sailun, Nokian and Semperit. All four manufacturers have developed versatile construction site-suitable treads in addition to their smooth-running and wear-resistant truck road tyres. Target vehicles are rear tippers and three-side tippers, concrete mixer vehicles, tipping tractor units with construction site trailers, flatbed vehicles and trucks with additions such as a crane or silo, but also low loaders for the transport of construction vehicles and other heavy transporters.

Price and performance on the construction site

As an example, we have equipped a rear tipper, a low loader and a tipping semi-trailer unit with construction site-compatible treads from the Bohnenkamp range. The price-performance ratio can be weighted a bit more heavily in the case of construction site truck tyres. After all, wear and tear in tough construction site use makes only a slight difference between premium treads and price-performance optimised tyres. In principle, all the treads mentioned can be recommended without hesitation for the challenging usage scenarios - with Windpower and Sailun as interesting solutions for users who are objectively looking for a good price/performance ratio.

Sample tyres for rear tippers and three-side tippers in construction site use.

Rear tippers combine large transport volumes with ideal external dimensions and can thus move a maximum payload with low unladen weight. Traditionally, they are on the road as three to five axles and are mostly equipped with tyres of the size 315/80 R 22.5.

Sample tyres for a tipper unit

The trailers of tipper trucks must transport heavy bulk loads safely, so they are designed to be correspondingly rugged, such as for use on motorway construction sites. A typical tipper semi-trailer unit carries tyres of size 385/65 R 22.5 on three axles. The use on tipper semi-trailers requires a special, rather coarse tread design and a rugged construction to meet the requirements of various operating conditions on and off the road, even with a high load capacity. Correspondingly resilient tyres with sufficient grip are, for example, the

Windpower WGC 28

Sailun STM1


Semperit M277

Sample tyres for a low loader for the transport of construction site vehicles

The tyres must also withstand the high impact and vibration forces and the mechanical stresses caused by braking manoeuvres to which low loaders are exposed during transport on uneven roads or construction sites. The treads also contribute to providing a stable and secure platform for the transported loads. For a low loader that transports excavators and comparable construction machinery, the following reinforced treads with increased load capacity are suitable in format 235/75 R 17.5:

Windpower WTL 31 143/141 J

Sailun SAR1 143/141 L


Semperit RUNNER T2

More treads?

Whether for standard application areas or niche usage scenarios – at Bohnenkamp, there is the right construction site truck tread for every need and in every price range. Find the tread for your truck application in our shop now with the optimal price-performance ratio for your customer in the construction industry.

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