New: BKT RM 500 radial tyres for harvesters

With immediate effect Bohnenkamp is offering its customers the new BKT RM 500, a radial tyre for harvesters, in the size 500/80 R 28.

The BKT RM 500 is a tyre for combine harvesters, corn choppers and similar harvesting machines.

The RM 500 from BKT is characterized by a robust carcass and a special tread pattern. These two attributes provide a high loadbearing capacity and a distinct cut and tear resistance. The wide contact area ensures optimum distribution of ground pressure and therefore low soil compaction and excellent traction. With a load/speed index of 164 A8 (driving axle) and 176 A8 (non-driving axle), both tyre sizes allow identical payloads of 5 and 7.1 tonnes respectively at speeds up to 40 km/h.

The BKT RM 500 is now available in Germany exclusively from Bohnenkamp.

The BKT RM 500 in the shop