Sailun Regio Pro STR 2 MAX - a power tread for low-loaders

The Sailun Regio Pro STR 2 MAX is now available from us - initially in size 205/65 R 17.5, with other sizes to follow. This extremely resilient tyre was developed for low-loader trailers and impresses with its price and (running) performance.

The Regio Pro STR 2 MAX is hungry for loads. The manufacturer Sailun designed and constructed the tread for use on heavy towed vehicles such as low-loaders, municipal and emergency vehicles, fire engines and jumbo vehicles - as well as military vehicles. The tread profile is initially available from us in size 205/65 R 17.5, with other sizes in the pipeline.

The load index 132/130 J (133/133 F) promises a load capacity of up to 2060 kg per wheel or 8,240 kg per axle. The Regio Pro STR 2 MAX achieves this value thanks to its improved bead construction, among other things. It stabilises low-floor trailers and comparable machines under typical load scenarios. In addition, the four-belt structure offers increased tread rigidity for even greater strength and improved mileage. Last but not least, the tyre material deserves special mention. The newly developed, extremely abrasion-resistant rubber compound can withstand the heaviest contact loads that typically occur in the low-loader sector.

All in all, the new Regio Pro STR 2 MAX from Sailun impresses with its outstanding load capacity, high mileage and maximum safety under typical heavy-duty conditions. 

The Sailun heavy-duty tread stands up to direct comparison 

"Every inch of pure power - the Regio Pro STR 2 MAX delivers what the campaign claim for the tyre promises," emphasises Mark Sobiech, our Key Account Manager in the Truck & Transport division. The robust construction of the low-loader tread has already proven itself in various quality tests and a one-year long-term test before the sales launch. The Regio Pro STR 2 MAX can also hold its own in direct comparison with similar tread profiles from other providers. This applies both to the documented performance data and to its attractive price. With its favourable cost-benefit ratio, the low-loader tread profile is a good choice for demanding applications in ultra-heavy-duty transport.

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