Snow, wet weather, rain: through the winter with the right tyres

Bohnenkamp offers a comprehensive range of winter tyres in the Truck & Transport segment

The cold season places demands on people and materials - especially in logistics. With the onset of bad weather, the trade is in high demand; fleet operators and freight forwarders then need quick solutions. The Osnabrück-based Bohnenkamp AG offers a broad and extensive range for this purpose and supplies retailers with exactly the right tyres within 24 hours so you can reach your destination safely in harsh winter conditions.

Tread patterns for every kind of winter weather

From regional to long-distance transport, from vans to trucks and buses - Bohnenkamp has one of the most comprehensive ranges in the transport sector with its products for use on slippery snow- and rain-covered roads. Almost all have the 3PMSF symbol (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake), also called the "Alpine symbol". This guarantees to the user that the tyre meets the minimum legal requirements for use in winter conditions. Winter conditions are very variable, especially in Germany. From the slightly snowy roads in the lowlands, where the 3PMSF symbol may already be enough, to compacted snow in the mountains, all conditions are conceivable.  Therefore, anyone who values the highest possible level of safety or whose vehicles are travelling on deep blankets of snow in adverse winter conditions should definitely switch to winter tyres. Because they are not all-rounders, but genuine specialists. The winter tyres of the brands Nokian, Semperit, Windpower, Sailun and Onyx can provide precisely the right solution, because thanks to the deep sipes, these winter specialists provide very good grip and high driving stability, especially on compacted snow.

All winter tires at a glance

Nokian – the inventor of winter tyres

The inventor of winter tyres offers highly-developed and innovative winter tyres in the premium segment. Its Hakkapeliitta tread series offers very good grip and high driving stability, especially on compacted snow and icy roads. Its deep, 3D sipes guarantee high performance over the entire service life. This is reliably indicated by the unique, patented DSI (Driving Safety Indication) wear indicator. It shows the currently remaining tread depth down to the millimetre, making it easier to decide when to replace it.

Sailun – Lasting power. Attractive prices.

Since the beginning of 2020, Bohnenkamp has included the Sailun brand in its range. The SAW1 and SDW1 truck winter tyres are in the basic segment and are specially designed for use on steering and trailer axles (SAW1) and on the drive axle (SDW1). The SDW1 has five main grooves and a large tread width which, together with the laterally open grooves in the side shoulder, reliably drain off water and snow. The SDW1 also reliably dissipates water and snow due to its wide grooves and its zigzag-shaped tread pattern and, together with the arrangement of the tread blocks, ensures excellent driving characteristics. With the Endure WSL1, which provides very good traction and braking performance, Sailun offers the optimal solution, especially for trucks.

Windpower – the established player in the market

Windpower is undoubtedly a firm fixture in the market. Bohnenkamp has enjoyed success with the truck tyre brand for more than ten years. Like all Windpower tyres, the winter tyres are characterised by high quality, durability and an excellent price-performance ratio. The WDW80 and WSW80 winter tyre tread patterns guarantee optimum grip and traction, even on snow and ice. The WSW80 is also ideal as a trailer tyre and suitable for use on dangerous goods transporters as well.

Onyx – tough as nails. Fairly priced.

With Onyx, Bohnenkamp has a market-proven series of truck tyres in its range, which is characterised by its top quality at a modest and fair price. In addition to the all-season tyres, Onyx also offers NY-W287, a special winter tyre for use on vans. It has a block tread with three circumferential, zigzag-shaped grooves and many sipes.

Bohnenkamp offers its customers almost all truck tyres with the 3 PMSF symbol. Particularly noteworthy here are the tyres of the Semperit brand from Continental. The traditional Austrian brand has played a major role in the development of winter tyres.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 in the shop

Nokian HakkapeliittaTruck D in the shop

Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 in the shop

Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T2 in the shop

Windpower WSW80 in the shop

Windpower WDW 80 in the shop

ONYX NY-W287 in the shop

Sailun SAW1 in the shop

Sailun SDW1 in the shop

Sailun Endure WSL1 in the shop