Speed tractor on record run with BKT

Recently, the racing driver and TopGear presenter Guy Martin was speeding along. With a speed of 166.7 km/h, he set the English speed record for tractors on a JCB tractor. The BKT tyre used on the record-breaking drive is also available here at Bohnenkamp.

Ein JCB-Trecker fuhr auf Reifen des Typs RIDEMAX IT 696 von BKT rekordverdächtige 166,7 km/h. Das Modell ist bei Bohnenkamp im Sortiment.

At the end of June on an airport runway in the northeast of England, fans of horsepower and speed got their money’s worth. The manufacturer J.C Bamford Excavators Limited (JCB) equipped one of its Fastracs with more than 1,000 hp, aerodynamic trim and the right tyres for a record-breaking attempt. The machine manufacturer secured the British record for the fastest agricultural machine in Great Britain on BKT’s specially designed RIDEMAX IT 969 running surfaces.

"The BKT tyre was exactly the right choice for this record attempt," says Frank Hörsting, BKT brand manager at Bohnenkamp. "The tread pattern and material mix contribute to low rolling resistance and provide excellent road grip even at high speeds."

The previous speed record was only set a year ago. The "Track-Tor" reached a speed of about 140 km/h, also on the BBC programme TopGear . Fastrac beat this by more than 25 km/h using BKT's high-performance tyres. The driving force behind the record trip was JCB boss Anthony Bamford, who achieved his idea of a faster series tractor with the Fastrac 28 years ago. 

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