The Camper.Vans are coming - Agri.Creators meet Bohnenkamp

Agritechnica is calling - the agricultural influencers are coming. On their way to the world's largest agricultural technology trade fair, 16 well-known faces from the German agricultural influencer scene stopped off at Bohnenkamp. Their tour took them directly through the 95,000 square meter central warehouse up to the roof of the leading wholesaler for commercial vehicle tyres. After today's meeting, there will soon be a reunion in Hanover.

At 10 a.m. on the dot, the camper-van convoy with 16 influencers rolled into the Bohnenkamp parking lot alongside the long warehouses. The program for the creative social media heads included a tour of the entire Bohnenkamp world. In the tyre warehouse, the focus was naturally on the countless agricultural tyres stacked on two floors and up to 100 meters of hall length. The guests were also enthusiastic about our fully automatic wheel assembly, an in-house development that brings tyres and rims together in just 80 seconds with optimal concentricity. Finally, the visitors enjoyed a view from the roof of the hall over the Osnabrück countryside - and the largest solar plant in the Osnabrück city area, which Bohnenkamp produces around 60 percent of the quantities it consumes with. After lunch together, the agri-specialists continued on to the next stop on their journey in the van. A reunion with Bohnenkamp is already planned; the digital influencers will meet our team again at Agritechnica in Hall 4, Stand C22

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The participants of the Campervan.tour 

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