The new EU tyre label at a glance

Tyres rolling off the production line from 1 May 2021 will have to carry the new EU label. Among other things, the extended identification shows buyers the rolling resistance, rolling noise and the tread’s wet grip. Tyre dealers must provide the label in-store and in digital media.

The new EU tyre label has been compulsory for all C1 (passenger car), C2 (light truck) and C3 (truck) tyres since 1 May this year, provided they are approved for a speed of more than 80 km/h. For the tyre dealer and the consumer, the new EU tyre label offers more detailed information than before. The aim is to sell more tyres that emit less noise and, above all, reduce fuel consumption. In this way, the new EU tyre label is intended to make a contribution to climate neutrality. During the transition period, tyres produced before 1 May 2021 may continue to carry the old EU tyre label and be in circulation.

What's new about the new EU tyre label

The gradations of the wet braking values and the rolling resistance are being reorganised. In addition, the noise level is indicated with a precise decibel rating and the noise classes A, B or C. There are also two symbols for snow grip (3PMSF) and ice grip. End users can download individual tyre data from the new EU database EPREL via a QR code. This is convenient and increases transparency in sales. But there are also certain obligations for tyre dealers.

What the new EU tyre label means for tyre dealers

Duty to inform

  • The end consumer must be made aware of the EU label and the values shown by the dealer on site or on the telephone.
  • The label must be given to the end user before the sale, either as an analogue copy or electronically.
  • The label must be clearly visible on or next to the tyre at the point of sale in stationary trade.
  • The product data sheet must be available digitally and must also be provided in printed form on request.
  • If the tyre is part of a batch of several identical tyres, a single labelling on the batch is sufficient; again, the information must be made available before sale.

Promotional design

  • All visual or printed promotional material for a particular type of tyre shall include the relevant tyre labelling in its graphic form. If the price of the tyre is indicated, the tyre labelling shall be shown close to the price indication.
  • In the case of visual promotional material on the internet for a particular type of tyre, dealers may provide the tyre label by means of a nested display, such as a mouse-over effect.
  • In a product list, it is sufficient to indicate the respective performance symbols and the label values shown.
  • For offers by e-mail or similar, a link to the respective product data in the EPREL database is sufficient.
  • When invoicing, it is recommended to note the link to the EPREL database for each item.

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