The Osnabrück Hill Climb race partners visit Bohnenkamp

180 supporters of the Osnabrück Hill Climb met at Bohnenkamp AG on Thursday evening. Europe's leading wholesaler for commercial vehicle tyres is a sponsor of the motorsport event together with the Sailun brand, a major manufacturer of truck and van tyres. The organizers are expecting around 200 participants from 15 nations for the 56th edition of the race on August 3rd and 4th.

Together they are campaigning for the Osnabrück Hill Climb: Bohnenkamp Marketing Manager Henrik Schmudde, Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing Europe at Sailun, Bohnenkamp AG CEO Gregor Rüth, Bernd Stegmann from the Osnabrück Motorsport Club and Julia Grummich and Frank Hörsting from Bohnenkamp Marketing.

"Thumbs up for a strong partnership" signal Gregor Rüth, CEO of Bohnenkamp AG, and Bernd Stegmann, who is responsible for the Osnabrück Hill Climb as Chairman of the Osnabrück Motorsport Club.

The truck tyres of co-sponsor Sailun attracted a lot of attention at the planning meeting for the Osnabrück Hill Climb. The fastest growing tyre brand in the world supports the Osnabrück Hill Climb together with Bohnenkamp AG.

Representatives of well over one hundred companies from the region used the second network meeting of sponsors to find out about the status of preparations. At the same time, they were able to take a look behind the scenes of the wholesale and logistics company in Osnabrück-Atter. Among the guests were the Deputy Mayor of the City of Osnabrück, Uwe Görtemöller, the Deputy District Administrator of the Osnabrück district, Christiane Rottmann, as well as the Mayors Marc Schewski (Hilter a.T.W.) and Timo Natemeyer (Bad Essen). They all accepted the invitation from Bernd Stegmann, who is responsible for the Osnabrück Hill Climb at the Motorsport Club Osnabrück. Right from the start, he emphasized the importance of local support: "It's great to see how local politics supports our event, and I'm particularly pleased about the strong signal of solidarity." With a view to the upcoming races on the first weekend in August, he added: “We have many commitments from top-class racing drivers, our field of participants is impressive across Europe.”

Guided tour through 100,000 square meters of tyre warehouse to the world's first wheel fitting robot

Bohnenkamp and Sailun enjoyed a home game that evening. Both brands are sponsoring the 56th Osnabrück Hill Climb and proved themselves to be good hosts. In addition to food and live music, Bohnenkamp AG also organized an impressive tour of the company's tyre logistics facility, which is the size of 11 football fields, and the modern office space. The truck and van tyres of co-sponsor Sailun are also distributed throughout Germany from here. The joint tour led past gigantic agricultural and earthmoving tyres - and the world's first fully automatic wheel assembly machine. The self-developed, ceiling-high robot takes just 90 seconds to fit a perfectly inflated wheel. Gregor Rüth, CEO of Bohnenkamp AG, was visibly pleased with the great interest: "Selling tyres and wheels - that sounds very simple at first. But to achieve this, we put in an enormous effort behind the scenes every day and always have to take an innovative approach to things." Rüth hopes that his presence as a sponsor of the Osnabrück Hill Climb will, above all, attract more attention from potential employees in the region.

Motorsport as a vehicle for a strong brand

"For two days, the air is on fire here in the district - and we are right in the middle of it with Sailun and Bohnenkamp," says Bohnenkamp Marketing Manager Henrik Schmudde, eagerly anticipating the event. Together with his colleague Stephan Cimbal from the Sailun Group, who had travelled all the way from Frankfurt, he positioned the truck and light truck tyres from overseas in the sports environment, and not for the first time. The brand team had already made an appearance at the recent Truck Grand Prix (TGP) at the famous Nürburgring. And since the current season, Bohnenkamp and Sailun have been supporting VfL Osnabrück together. "Our tyres deliver maximum performance through sophisticated technology - a standard that we also find in competitive sports. And in such an environment, we reach 30,000 people at the Hill Climb - that's the right place for us," emphasizes Stephan Cimbal.

Sailun and Bohnenkamp successful together

The tyre manufacturer Sailun is one of the 12 largest companies in its sector worldwide and is currently growing faster than any other tyre manufacturer. It has an annual production capacity of over 80 million car tyres and over 25 million light truck and truck tyres and sells them in 180 markets around the world. Under the name Maxam, the company also produces treads for earthmoving, construction site and agricultural applications. In addition to Sailun treads, the range of the Osnabrück-based tyre wholesaler also includes tyres from its subsidiary brand Maxam.