TOP Training at Bohnenkamp AG

Renewed certification by the IHK confirms high-quality training

IHK-TOP training company

IHK Managing Director Marco Graf presents Human Resources Manager Laura Hopp with the IHKTOP training company certification

Bohnenkamp AG in Osnabrück has once again been awarded the coveted TOP AUSBILDUNG (APPRENTICESHIP) seal of quality by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After receiving the award for the first time in 2016 - following an extensive certification process - the wholesaler for tyres, wheels and vehicle components has now also successfully completed the recertification process. On 12 January 2021, Bohnenkamp CEO Michael Rieken and HR Manager Laura Hopp accepted the certificate from IHK Managing Director Marco Graf.

Good training, good development opportunities

"Through in-house training, we gain the skilled workers we need for sustained positive business development", said Management Board member Michael Rieken upon receiving the award.  Human Resources Manager Laura Hopp added: "Our apprentices today are the skilled workers of tomorrow. We therefore attach great importance to involving them as early as possible in all the company's processes and in the way the company works together. We introduce them step by step to the knowledge and social skills required for their professional qualification. The seal is a wonderful confirmation and at the same time an incentive for our work. In addition, the certification gave us new impetus for possible optimisation opportunities", Hopp continues.

However, the award does not only confirm Bohnenkamp's internal performance towards its own trainees. IHK Managing Director Marco Graf also emphasised the effect on the recruitment of new junior staff: "The quality seal shows the importance the company attaches to training, thus helping to attract new apprentices by making vocational training more appealing in our region."

Certification for quality development


The certification procedure for awarding the IHK quality seal has been offered by the IHK in Osnabrück since 2015 and now also by all IHKs in Lower Saxony uniformly. To date, 51 companies in the Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim economic region have been awarded the TOP Training quality seal. Nine companies have now successfully undergone recertification.

The certification procedure comprises a short initial check, a detailed questionnaire, advice from the IHK training advisors and a detailed audit with personnel experts from other regional companies. Interested companies can obtain further information from the IHK.