Transporter tyre with excellent price-performance ratio from 14 to 17 inches

For the vehicle class up to 7.5 tonnes, the Bohnenkamp AG tyre product range impresses with its variety, availability - and the reliable Mirage and Sailun brands. The extensive range of light truck tyres covers the demands of delivery and craft businesses in all conceivable application and transportation scenarios in local, regional and long-distance transport.

A good price-performance ratio alone is not nearly enough to persuade dedicated fans of treads from high-priced brands to switch to tyres with comparable characteristics but at lower purchase prices. The logistics company Rheiner Courier Service also needed a boost from its trusted tyre dealer last year when it tested a price-performance recommendation from the Bohnenkamp range on parts of its transporter fleet. Back then, freight forwarder Kevin Flüthmann justified his scepticism when he said: "You have to be able to afford cheap. "If you get a bad tyre, you dispose of it after a quarter of the expected mileage, and then you really haven't gained anything." 40,000 kilometres later, at half-time so to speak, the entrepreneur nevertheless drew a very positive balance. The treads are in top condition, both in terms of the overall expected mileage as well as in relation to the ride comfort. "No one puts up with 800 kilometres a day on loud tyres; my colleagues would complain immediately," the freight forwarder emphasised back then. But none of his drivers had noticed the tyre change that had been carried out secretly.

The Truck & Transport Manager at Bohnenkamp, Mark Sobiech, has been observing the market for years. He knows that many users are now looking for a balanced price-performance ratio for light truck and van treads - and are surprised by the high-quality and extensive selection. "With the brands Sailun and Mirage, we can offer high-mileage and strong traction treads for vans, light trucks and similar vehicles for every area of application and all weather conditions - as of this year also in 17 inches for the new series of vans," he emphasises.

Sailun: Transporter tyres for large cargo and small budgets

The commercial vehicle tyre wholesaler Bohnenkamp has had the Sailun brand in its range for several years. Sailun is one of the top 20 international brands in the industry and consistently invests in the research and development of high-quality tyres for all types of vehicles. In the area of light trucks and commercial vans, the company offers two 3PMSF-certified top treads with a high load index for the whole year: the Commercio 4 Seasons and the Endure WSL1. The Commercio 4 Seasons impresses with its well designed 3D groove and sipe construction on all surfaces, while the abrasion-resistant tread material contributes to its extraordinary mileage. Additionally, the tread also boasts a rugged carcass construction with a load-bearing capacity and payload that is higher than comparable brands from well-known manufacturers. The Endure WSL1 safely accompanies light commercial vehicles and vans through the cold season. Its rubber compound and durable tread design offer optimal grip and braking performance even when used in winter weather conditions on snow and ice. The Endure WSL1 also provides outstanding load-bearing capacity in a brand comparison, thanks to its large block pattern, as well as impressive driving characteristics.

Mirage focuses on tread diversity for light trucks

The brand Mirage, which has been available from stock at Bohnenkamp since last year and has already made a name for itself in 80 countries, offers a larger, extremely competitively priced range of treads for light trucks. In its high-tech production and testing facilities, the Far East manufacturer explicitly relies on European and Japanese advanced technology and is consistently certified according to US DOT and European ECE standards. With the two treads MR100 and MR200, Mirage serves the demand for summer tyres for light trucks and vans. Both models guarantee excellent grip even on wet roads and, with two steel belts, provide the best protection against damage with high load-bearing capacity. The MR200 also excels with its low noise emission. For winter, Mirage offers the MR-W300, MR-W600 and MR-WT172 van models. The entry-level MR-W300 tyre offers good grip on wet, icy or snow-covered roads, a high load capacity and long service life. The two studdable small van winter tyres MR-W600 and MR-WT172 impress in the cold season with a rubber compound and tread design specially tailored to winter conditions. In addition, the two all-season tyres MR-762 AS and MR-700 AS complete the Mirage tyre range for light trucks and vans at Bohnenkamp. Its two or three zigzag-shaped circumferential grooves ensure good traction and safety even on rainy or snow-covered roads and, with the integrated summer and winter sipes, ensure the best driving behaviour all year round.

"It is definitely worth checking the available alternatives outside of the big brand names; with us, traders and workshops can rely on a reputable and safe tread pre-selection that has already proven itself thousands of times in practice," emphasises Mark Sobiech, underlining the Bohnenkamp AG partnership principle. In a comparison with the rightly praised high-end treads of the well-known tyre front-runners, the price-performance discoveries from the Bohnenkamp range can certainly hold their own.

The selection of truck tyres at Bohnenkamp is advantageous not least because of their high availability. Almost all treads are constantly in stock and ready to be picked in Europe's largest commercial vehicle tyre logistics centre in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. In the vast majority of cases, deliveries arrive with the customer the day after ordering. Thanks to the enormous assembly capacity of the company, individual combinations of rims and tyres are also available and deliverable at short notice.