Tubes for highest performance

The tube brand BK Tube Masterline is now new in the Bohnenkamp range - highly elastic, with greater wall thickness, easy handling and as combination tube for several tyre sizes. The BK Tube Masterline high-performance tubes enrich the Bohnenkamp tube assortment with a strong premium brand for professional use.

Tubes from BK Tube Masterline are durable tubes for tyres with variable internal pressure with excellent puncture protection.

The up to 18 percent thicker tubes made of butyl rubber offer significantly more durability and maximum protection against punctures. Each model is suitable for water filling. In addition, the material excels with the highest degree of elasticity and easily absorbs additional stress caused by changing pressures. With these properties, the BK Tube Masterline is also suitable for the latest generation of tyres.

"The BK Tube Masterline tubes follow the Indian manufacturer BKT’s proven tubes in our product range", explains Bohnenkamp's general sales manager Thomas Pott. In terms of quality, the new premium brand is on a par withs the previous quality leader in the range. DongAh and Nexen, the existing brands in the price-sensitive segment will remain unaffected by the change in product range.

Dealers and workshops will quickly appreciate the easy and safe handling of the BK Tube Masterline products. Each tube size covers several tyre sizes as a combination tube, and the tubes are also delivered individually packed. This simplifies storage and protects the goods from transport damage.

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