Workshop tip: agro truck - The right tread saves fuel

Agro truck operators can save considerable resources if they seek sound advice on the choice of tread.

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Over medium and long distances, agro trucks have now replaced classic tractor-trailer combinations in many places thanks to their considerable efficiency advantage. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Volk from the Soest University of Applied Sciences attests to the fact that agro trucks consume around 20 percent less fuel than tractor-trailer combinations. Farmers and contractors can save even more resources by taking a closer look at the usage scenarios of their agro trucks and choosing their tyres specifically on the basis of the application. From a business perspective, this closer examination should pay off very quickly given current fuel prices.

Long haul or short haul? The distance is decisive

Structural change in agriculture has increased the number of routes for farmers and contractors, and with them, of course, the proportion of road use per trip. While agro trucks with a 60 km/h approval are ideally used on routes between eight and 25 kilometres, tractor-trailer combinations continue to be the method of choice for shorter distances. For long haul, on the other hand, agro trucks with an approval of up to 90 km/h are far more common.

Tyres for agro trucks up to 60 km/h

The typical application scenario of an agro truck with 60 km/h approval is the field and unpaved farm tracks. Rugged tyres with high-traction treads that are also used in earthmoving and construction site applications are suitable here.  A good self-cleaning, coarser tread through to an AS tread is recommended for damp subsoil. In order to protect the soil, the use of highly flexible IF or VF treads in conjunction with a tyre pressure control system could be useful if there is a high proportion of arable land and frequent changes between road and field.

Tyres for agro trucks up to 90 km/h

Tyres for agro trucks up to 90 km/h

A faster agro truck will proportionately tend to travel less on farm tracks and more on well-maintained overland routes. Here, comparatively narrow tyres have to bring the efficiency advantage to the road in the truest sense of the word. Consequently, classic AS treads are no longer required. Ordinary truck tyres are also not suitable due to the continuing agricultural requirements. However, several manufacturers offer ideal high-traction truck treads for more rugged applications. They are characterised by open shoulders and a deeper tread pattern as well as a wide contact area, without squandering the road advantage by being too wide and rugged. MPT treads as special tyres for agro trucks are also an interesting choice for long-haul agro trucks up to 90 km/h

Examples of tyres for agro trucks

Approval up to 60 km/h

Use: off-road and unpaved farm tracks

Alliance 398


Nokian Country King

Alliance 882

Alliance 570 (AS-Profil)

Approval up to 90 km/h

Use: farm tracks & road

Alliance 398

Windpower WGC 08

Windpower WGC 28

Windpower WGC 52